Rebelde Season 2: Where Can I Watch It Online?

Rebelde Season 2-Rebelde is Netflix's newest popular drama, and a second season of the addicting Mexican show is already in the works.

Fans of Rebelde will already be aware that the show is a relaunch of the same-named 2004 series. It even has some of the same actors in it. The hit programme, set at the elite EWS music institution, follows a fresh new group of outstanding students as they try to outshine each other in the school's Music Excellence Program.

Season 1 of Rebelde concludes with a huge twist, so fans are naturally eager for more. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about Rebelde season 2: the release date, cast, spoilers, trailer, and updates on the show's future.

When will the second season of Rebelde be released?

Will there be a second season of Rebelde?

Yes. Just days after the premiere of season 1, Netflix announced on Twitter that Rebelde will be renewed for a second season. “With this hino, eu venho anunciar que a segunda temporada de Rebelde está confirmada!” Netflix Brasil tweeted on January 9. “With this hymn, we announce the confirmation of Rebelde season 2!”

Given that the previous programme lasted three seasons, it's probable that the show will be renewed after season 2.

When will the second season of Rebelde be released?

For the time being, no Rebelde season 2 release date has been set. Netflix, on the other hand, normally releases new seasons of their series once a year. Taking everything into account, Rebelde season 2 may premiere as early as January 2023, assuming the show is renewed.

Rebelde season 2 will most likely include eight episodes, much as Rebelde season 1.


Rebelde Season 2 (2)

Who is in the second season of Rebelde's cast?

We expect the whole major cast to return when Rebelde returns. In other words, Azul Guaita (Jana), Sergio Mayer Mori (Estéban), Franco Masini (Luka), Jerónimo Cantillo (Dixon), Lizeth Selene (Andi), Andrea Chaparro (MJ), Giovanna Grigio (Emilia), Alejandro Puente (Sebas), and Estefana Villarreal (Celina) will all appear again.

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All of Rebelde's supporting cast members are expected to return, as well as some newcomers. It's feasible, for example, that Luka's father's hidden son may play a major part in season 2.

What will happen in Season 2 of Rebelde?

As of now, the cast and crew of Rebelde are keeping quiet about what will happen next. Given that we now know Luka's father has a hidden lovechild, it's probable that a significant portion of the narrative will concentrate on figuring out who that child is and how they fit into the EWS universe.

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With La Logia's secret being out and Sin Nombre having just won Battle of the Bands, we can expect plenty of unexpected drama and show-stopping performances.

Is there a trailer for the second season of Rebelde?

A Rebelde season 2 trailer has yet to be released on Netflix. We'll let you know as soon as we have more information.

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