Rebel Wilson Transformation: Amazing Body and Style Transformation Through the Years!

Her trip, on her terms! Rebel Wilson has changed a lot since she established herself as a powerful actor in Hollywood. “I turned a disadvantage into an advantage,” the Pitch Perfect star told Australia's Daily Life in January 2015.

“No one thinks that if you're fat, you're going to be an actress and everyone's going to love you.” “Bigger girls do better in comedy. I have no idea why. Maybe because it's easier to laugh than to cry. I think it's hard to laugh at someone who is very pretty.

Wilson even put on weight so he could do comedy. “I don't know if it was mega conscious, but I thought, ‘How can I make more people laugh? Maybe if I were a little bit heavier,'” she told The Telegraph in July 2016. “Then all of a sudden I was bigger and doing stand-up comedy.”

But as the actress's career took off, she changed her mind. In May 2020, she said she wanted to lose weight. “Keep going, even if you have to crawl to reach your goals; it will be worth it. Try to put in a little bit of effort every day,” she wrote at the time on Instagram.

“I know some days are hell, you want to give up, and you're mad that you're not making any progress, but good things are coming your way.”Wilson said, “I'll be honest with you guys: I'm trying to get to 75 kgs as part of my “Year of Health” mission.

“The woman from Australia said that her goal “requires a daily effort” and is full of “constant setbacks,” but she is still “working hard” to reach it. Gunnar Peterson, her personal trainer, told her secrets about how she stays in shape in March 2019.

“She's hot,” he told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview. “She never skips a workout. Even when she's away and right after she gets back. She can't get out!”

In July 2022, a source told Us, “Rebel is no longer working with a trainer every day to lose more weight because she's reached her goal.” Instead, the insider said, “She's focused on keeping the weight she's lost and feeling good in her own skin.”Scroll down to see how Wilson has changed over time.

April 2011

Rebel Wilson Transformation

According to the usmagazine, the star of “Isn't It Romantic” wore a simple outfit to the L.A. premiere of “Bridesmaids.”

August 2013

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Wilson wore a custom-made outfit to the 2013 Teen Choice Awards that showed off her curves.

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November 2015

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Waistline goals! At the 2015 American Music Awards, the actress from “How to Be Single” showed off her body.

October 2016

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Wilson showed up at the Australians in Film Gala in sparkling style.

March 2017

Rebel Wilson Transformation

The star of “Cats” gave a sneak peek of her matching outfit for “Pitch Perfect 3″ while she was on set with her co-stars.

August 2017

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Wilson wore clothes from her Rebel Wilson Collection to the US Open to show them off.

January 2018

Rebel Wilson Transformation

She went on a ride at Disneyland in a stylish little black dress.

May 2019

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Before going to Anne Hathaway's Walk of Fame ceremony, the Hustle actress took a picture in a doorway.

July 2019

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Wilson wore a cocktail dress with a bright neon color to Saint-Tropez, and she loved it.

January 2020

Rebel Wilson Transformation

In a green shirtdress, the JoJo Rabbit star looked thinner than ever.

June 2020

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Wilson wasn't afraid to show off her new body by putting on a sexy dress.

July 2020

Rebel Wilson Transformation

The Aussie stood on a lookout point in Palm Beach, Australia, in a long-sleeved, form-fitting workout outfit by Gymshark that showed off her slimmer body.

July 2020

Wilson wrote “Hot Tub Fine Machine” as the caption for a photo of her taking a dip in a hot tub while wearing a green bikini. “P.S. I have TWO university degrees,” she added, referring to her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees.

Rebel Wilson Transformation

A fan wrote, with the hashtag #legallyblonde, “Is this your Harvard video essay?” The Pitch Perfect star replied by singing a line from the Reese Witherspoon hit turned Broadway musical: “Harvard, what you want is right in front of you.”

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January 2021

After taking a break over the holidays, the Sisters Grimsby actress went back to Instagram in January 2021 and posted a GIF of herself in a pink Badgley Mischka gown.

Rebel Wilson Transformation

With a knee-high slit and a form-fitting shape, the dress showed off Wilson's weight loss of more than 60 pounds.

July 2022

Wilson wore a one-piece, one-shoulder swimsuit to show off her body after saying that she had gained about six pounds while on vacation with her girlfriend, Ramona Agruma.”I'm at a great resort that has everything…

I have no self-control anymore,” she wrote at the time on Instagram. “You know what, though? I can wake up tomorrow, go to the gym, drink water, eat well, and love myself.

Rebel Wilson Transformation

It doesn't help to be hard on yourself, but I know how it feels to eat too much and feel bad about it. But if you're like me, know that you're more than your weight. Your weight doesn't define you. Just do your best to be healthy and don't be so hard on yourself.”