Real Felix the Circle: Everything You Need To Know!

The Circle, also known as The Circle UK, is a British reality television game show and the first installment of The Circle franchise.

The show, which is produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group and airs on Channel 4, bills itself as a social media game with the concept that “anyone can be anyone in The Circle.”

Throughout the show, contestants live in the same apartment building but are never permitted to interact with one another.

Real Felix the Circle

Manrika Khaira of the Circle Reveals That the Real Felix Apologised to Her for Catfishing

The Circle's Manrika Khaira has opened up about her life outside of the show, revealing that the real Felix has reached out to her and apologized for eventual winner Natalya Platonova's behavior on the show.

Viewers will recall Natalya joining The Circle as paratrooper Felix and quickly becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Since the big reveal, real-life Felix has contacted Manrika to apologize, and he even told her she was his favorite player on the show.

The Circle: ‘nana Dot' Star Scott Reveals Catfish Natalya's Mistake on the Show and the DMS He Received From the Real Felix

The Circle's Scott – aka Nana Dot – revealed Natalya's gaffe in unaired scenes that could have given the game away and spilled the beans on the messages he received from the real Felix.

Last night, Scott and Natalya came face to face in one of The Circle's most epic encounters, as Felix was floored to see the flamboyant actor creeping into his apartment, while Scott was ‘disappointed' not to be confronted with a ‘dreamy hunk.'

Real Felix the Circle

‘I had absolutely no idea!' Scott tells that he was certain Felix was the dashing soldier Manrika fell head over heels for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Felix From the Circle Real?

Without a doubt, the Story of the 2021 Series Has Been Manrika Khaira's Romance With ‘Felix,' Who, Unbeknownst to Her, is Actually a Catfish in the Form of Paratrooper Natalya Platonova.

Are Manrika and Felix Close?

Manrika Went on to Say That the Real Felix is a “Lovely Guy,” and That They Now Chat on Social Media on Occasion.

Who played Felix in The Circle?

Natalya, the real Felix the circle policewoman

Natalya, a military police officer, joined The Circle on day 5 as Felix, a male paratrooper. Within days, she had formed a relationship with Manrika, and they became The Circle's boyfriend and girlfriend, which elicited mixed reactions from fans.