Ready Or Not Game: Is It Actually Coming For PS5 & Other Consoles?

Is there a Ready or Not PS5 or PS4 release in the works? When it comes to the tactical shooter in the vein of classic SWAT or Rainbow Six games, some console owners are understandably envious, and they're wondering whether there is a Ready or Not Xbox release date planned for either the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows 10 or even Game Pass.

ready or not game ps5

What do you think about a Ready or Not Switch release on a platform that doesn't have many tactical shooters on it? Let's see what happens.

Which Platforms Will Get The Game?

As of right now, Ready or Not is exclusively accessible for PC through Steam Early Access, and it is not available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or the Nintendo Switch at all.

ready or not game ps5

However, the game's developer, Void Interactive, has hinted that the game may be released on consoles in the future.

What is Ready Or Not about?

Ready or Not is a tactical shooter in the vein of early Rainbow Six games or SWAT 4. It was developed in response to the current Rainbow Six game Siege becoming more console-oriented, faster-paced than previous games in the series, and with a greater emphasis on multiplayer. Despite the fact that RoN has been in production for an extremely long period, it is finally available on Steam and is unquestionably a PC game.

ready or not game ps5

Due to the fact that Ready or Not is a self-published game by the developers, it is likely that they will take more time to either raise sufficient funds to begin planning for the game's console launch or find a publisher to handle the task for them.

Almost unanimously good feedback has been received for Ready or Not on Steam, with many players describing it as a real spiritual successor to SWAT 4, a beloved SWAT simulation that was never followed up with a sequel.

Ready Or Not Trailer

Final Words

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