Read this before deciding to how to Remove Glance on MI Phone

Hello there! Are you looking for how to remove Glance on MI phone? Before you go, allow me to explain why Glance is such a fantastic feature that you should not remove.

The Smart lock screen feature known as Glance is not your typical wallpaper carousel and is included with MI and Redmi phones. With Glance, you do not even need to install any other applications on your phone to watch live entertainment programs with your favourite actors, musicians, and producers, play more than 500 games, or get the greatest discounts online.

We are aware that some users might not completely comprehend the nature of Glance and might mistake it for a standard wallpaper carousel. But, before deciding to disable it, we urge you to give it a shot and take advantage of all of its benefits.

One of the nicest features of Glance is that it shows you updates and information relevant to your interests directly on your lock screen, so you do not even need to unlock your phone or do a web search. This essentially implies that you may easily remain current with the newest news and trends.

Glance is certainly something you want to try out if you enjoy playing video games. Its gaming centre allows you to play more than 500 games online without having to download them to your phone, saving you storage space and processing power. Also, it is really practical to view live broadcasts of gaming competitions from your lock screen.

Glance provides options for individuals who enjoy shopping as well. The greatest merchandise, the sexiest accessories, and the newest trends can all be purchased straight from well-known designers like EK by Ekta Kapoor, KRA, and many more. In addition, Glance offers you the greatest prices on the hottest styles from top retailers so you can look great while saving money.

You can see that Glance is a really incredible feature that you would not want to miss out on. It is like having a tiny entertainment complex, game console, and retail mall all on your lock screen! The best aspect is that you can use it right away without downloading any other platforms or apps.

Nonetheless, we recognize that some users might still choose to search how to remove Glance. If that applies to you, simply follow these instructions to disable it:

How to remove Glance on MI phone? How to disable Glance from MI Phone?

On your MI phone, go to Settings.

Choose Lock Screen.

Locate the MI Glance option.

Switch it off.

But before you do, we strongly advise you to give Glance a shot and check out all of its incredible features. You are going to adore the fresh sensation it gives your phone's lock screen.

We sincerely hope that this amiable explanation has clarified why MI and Redmi phones' Glance function is so fantastic.

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