What Randy Whitaker’s Book “After the Pandemic” Says?

What About Whitaker’s New Book ‘After the Pandemic'?

Randy Whitaker is a family man with experience in data mining and research. His new book, “After the Pandemic: How to Get the Job of Your Dreams Without a College Degree,” is a powerful and informative guide to finding a great career, even without a college background.

Whitaker says that most employers still want to hire people with a four-year college degree. However, I think this is going to change. Companies are looking for people who can work with their hands and who are willing to work their way up through the different levels of an organization.

In the time it takes you to get your degree, you could be making a good living and won't have any debt. Plus, if you work in an industry you are interested in or even passionate about for four years, you may be on the same level as a newly hired college graduate.

Randy Whitaker's interesting story was published by Page Publishing after his sons lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither son had a degree, but they both worked hard and were good at what they did. This made Whitaker want to use his skills in data mining to look into jobs for his sons.

He realized that his thorough research could help other people, so he wrote: “After the Pandemic: How to Get the Job of Your Dreams Without a College Degree.”Randy Whitaker talks about how the lack of workers caused by the pandemic gives people without college degrees a unique chance.

Employers are putting more weight on work experience and work ethic than on education level. Whitaker finds that companies care more about how a potential employee can grow within the company and gives readers fields that are perfect for this.

Where Can I Buy “After the Pandemic”?

After the Pandemic: How to Get the Job of Your Dreams Without a College Degree” is an inspiring book that can be bought at any book store or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.