Randy Harrison Partner: Biography | Who Is His New Boyfriend? (2022)

Randy Harrison, best known for his roles in films like Bang Bang, You're Dead, Gayby, and others, have always had a deep desire to express himself via acting. As a result, he has become one of the most well-known stars on the big screen and television.

The actor, who is out as gay, doesn't seem to give a damn about what people think. Every gay man's dream comes true. Harrison has a stunning physical beauty and an endearing personality to go along with it.

In light of his popularity, it is logical that he has been the subject of several romance rumors. According to speculations, the actor has a history of long-lasting partnerships. There have been reports of him dating his co-stars and having flings with them, but we have no idea if this single actor is still single.

Randy Harrison Biography


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On November 2, 1977, Randy Harrison was born in Nashua, New Hampshire. Randolph Clark Harrison is his full name, and he is 44 years old. The zodiac sign of a person born on November 2 is Scorpio.

The Serpent is the animal of his Zodiac sign, which he shares with everyone else. For his role as Justin Taylor on Queer as Folk, Randolph Clarke “Randy” Harrison is best known. When he was a kid, he fell in love with acting after seeing a play by Peter Pan.

Love Connections of Randy Harrison

Randy Harrison Partner
Randy Harrison Partner

By age 16, Queer as Folk star comes up to his family and friends about his sexual orientation. Born Randolph Clarke Harrison, Randy has always been open and outspoken about his sexual orientation. Randy is openly bisexual.

The actor gained a cult following among gay men thanks to this bold method of promoting his work. Someone even managed to win over the actor's heart. Simon Dumenco and The Gayby Star have been partners since 2002.

Randolph Harrison and his ex-partner Simon Dumenco. The two met with the New York magazine during Harrison's interview, where Simon was interviewed. When Simon interviewed him for New York Magazine, the two struck into a conversation.

In Brooklyn, New York, they had lived together for a long time and seemed inseparable. However, in 2008, fate strangely ordered the end of their six-year love without raising any controversy.

Since then, Harrison and his two cats have been living in the flat alone. Over the years, he's been linked to a slew of lovers he never met. The actor's vast list of claimed lovers included two of his co-stars, Gale Harold from Queer as Folk and Michael Urie from Such Good People.

Randy Harrison, who is 43 and still going strong, is currently a single man, which is excellent news for his loves! Michael added fuel to the flames after Harrison tweeted on June 24, 2013, describing him as his work husband. When the pair appeared hesitant about playing the tabloids with these additional tweets, the speculation came to an abrupt halt.


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The Career of Randy Harrison

In 1985, Randolph Harrison made his stage debut as a kid chorus member in Oliver, a role he would reprise for the rest of his career. In addition, he performed in the musical Shopping and Sex as Robbie.

In addition, he played the courier in the St. Louis Theatre production of 1776. His other stage productions include, for example, Wicked and Angels in America. The American-Canadian serial drama series Queer as Folk marked Harrison's initial appearance in 2000, where he portrayed the primary role of Justin Taylor for 83 episodes.

In 2015, he had a recurring role as Harry in Mr. Robot's thriller series. Sean was one of his many roles, including in Bang Bang You're Dead, a 2002 murder thriller in which he played Sean. Such Good People and many other films are among his other credits.

Net Worth of Randy Harrison

Randy Harrison
Randy Harrison

As of 2019, the estimated net worth of Randolph Harrison is $5 million. Then there are his other lucrative jobs, such as commercials, endorsements, and so on, which also bring in a sizable sum of money. He makes between $800,000 and $1,000,000 each year.

With Ben Foster (worth $20 million), Tom Cavanagh (worth $4 million), and other high-profile A-list actors including Ben Foster and Tom Cavanagh, Harrison appeared in Bang Bang You're Dead, an American murder drama released in 2002.

Harrison has been working in the entertainment sector for a long time, and she has several projects in development. As a result of her successful job, he is likely enjoying a luxury lifestyle with the money she has earned. Her earnings are sure to rise as her career progresses.

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