Raising Dion Season 2 Release Date: Spoilers & Plot on Netflix

Raising Dion was one of the not-going hits of late 2019 and delivered the viewing statistics; it's also one of the year's most noteworthy debuts.

Raising Dion has a near-instant renewal. Season two has been steadily improving for a long time; nonetheless, it was formerly one of the shows that was severely disrupted in 2020. Season 2 information may be found here.

In case you missed it, Raising Dion is a Netflix Original superhero-drama collection based on writer Dennis Liu's comic book collection of the same name. In 2015, the collection was turned into a short film, which gained a lot of attention online. It was only used again a few years later, before Netflix planned the series for itself, in 2017.

Dennis Liu was heavily involved in the production of Raising Dion, as he directed an episode and worked as a government producer throughout.

Release Date for Season 2 of Raising Dion

The launch date for season 2 has yet to be announced; however, reports claim that filming began in January 2021, implying that the characters and crew may have completed filming by now.

The crew would have started filming in 2020 if it hadn't been for COVID-19's explosion. If the team has finished filming, we may expect season 2 of ‘Raising Dion' to broadcast in 2022.

Plot of Raising Dion Season 2

Season one of Raising Dion had a few tricks in its sleeve that we don't think season two will be able to cover. We feel Dion's presence on board will be beneficial in many ways.

Season 1 has a number of unanswered questions. In the future season, we will most likely learn more about Dion's father, Mark. Other surprises and shocks await guests at the exhibit's gift shop. In the previous season of Raising Dion, Dion's father, Mark, had some thoughts. Without a question, keeping Mark's soul in the storm trap has been profitable for the Crooked Man. In the show's last season, he paid a few visits to his family in a few episodes.

Nicole, Dion's mother, will also be given a romantic attitude. In the series, there will be more drama. Dion, like his powers, will get stronger over time.

But we don't know what's in the document that will shape his future. For his upcoming season of Raising Dion, Wainwright has some fantastic ideas. As soon as we learn more about Raising Dion 2, we will surely be the first to let you know. After Nicole, Dion, and BIONA succeeded to collapse Pat in the Season 1 finale, the Crooked Man's race of Dion and various supers was put on hold.

As a result, the cliffhanger ending of the finale revealed that the dark reality was meant to keep Brayden, the child of one of the Crooked Man's absorbed superhumans. What sets us up for Season 2 conflicts between Dion and Brayden, pushing the fight primarily to the 2d technology of smart children.

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The other major final question is the destiny of those enslaved by the Crooked Man, particularly Dion's father, Mark. While Season 1 concluded, we saw his spirit become human for a short time, allowing him to speak with Nicole and Dion before withering away.

Mark isn't in the best of health. However, he is no longer lifeless—that ability means his fate is still up in the air. We can probably expect a significant portion of Season 2 to be dedicated to bringing Mark, and those who don't absorb through the Crooked Man, back to life.

Cast of Raising Dion Season 2

  • Pat Rollins is played by Jason Ritter.
  • Nicole Reese is Alisha Wainwright.
  • Suzanne Wu will be played by Ali Ahn.
  • Kat Neese is played by Jazmyn Simon.
  • Dion Warren will be played by Ja'Siah Young.
  • Brayden Mills is Griffin Robert Faulkner.
  • Esperanza Jimenez will be played by Sammi Haney.

Season 2 Trailer for Raising Dion

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Season 2 of Raising Dion has yet to have a trailer. When we acquire a trailer, we'll let you know.


That's everything you need to know about Raising Dion season 2. I hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned for additional updates and information!