Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Release Date: Where Can I Watch the Show? Feel The Love

“Put Your Head On My Shoulder” is a popular romantic comedy Korean drama that captured the hearts of viewers with its charming storyline and endearing characters.

Released in 2019, the drama quickly gained a dedicated fanbase and received positive reviews for its lightheartedness and relatable narrative. So today in this article we will talk about season 2 of this show, what are the speculations and when will it come, because fans are eagerly waiting for season 2

Overview Of Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2

Season Name Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Number of Seasons 1
Number of Episodes 24 (Season 1)
Current Status Season 1 End
Directed by Zhu Dong Ning
Written by Qi Dai
Music by Sona Balam
Genre of show Comedy, Romance
Cast Xing Fei, Lin Yi, Abby Latip
Production House Tencent Pictures
Country China
Origin Language Mandarin
Available Languages Mandarin
First Season April 10, 2019
Second Season TBA
Run Time 45 Min
Available On Netflix, Viki

What is the Release Date of Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2?

There is no Release date available for Put Your Head On My Shoulder Due to the lack of official information from the production team, a release date estimate is currently useless.

We anticipate the second season of Put Your Head on My Shoulder to premiere in the fall of 2023, at the latest because the first season of Put Your Head On My Shoulder aired from April 10 to May 16 of the same year, and it featured a total of 25 episodes.

It Will Take Time

What Is The Storyline Of The Put Your Head on My Shoulder Season 2

The romantic comedy Korean drama “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” won the hearts of viewers with its charming plot and lovable characters. After its 2019 premiere, the drama gained a devoted following and critical acclaim for its silly, friendly story.

Si Tu Mo (Xing Fei), a college student majoring in accounting known for her practical and no-nonsense personality, is at the center of the story. Si Tu Mo's tranquil life is shattered as she enters her final year of college and her longtime boyfriend dumps her.

She is so set on moving on that she has resolved to give her full attention to her studies and stay far away from any romantic relationships.

But fate has other ideas for Si Tu Mo when she meets her neighbor, the handsome and bright senior Gu Wei Yi (Lin Yi). Gu Wei Yi's reputation for being distant and introverted causes friction with Si Tu Mo's extroverted nature.

They find common ground despite their differences and form an unexpected friendship.

Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi's relationship develops into something more substantial as they spend more time together. While Gu Wei Yi learns more about himself through Si Tu Mo's admiration of his gentle conduct, the former develops feelings for the latter.

Both protagonist and antagonist suffer from self-doubt and anxiety that makes it hard for them to open up about how they really feel. As Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi work through their feelings and overcome challenges together, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” beautifully captures the ups and downs of young love.

The drama expertly blends comedic and heartwarming moments to create a satisfying viewing experience. The interplay between the two leads is a major strength of the drama. Lin Yi gives Gu Wei Yi depth and sincerity, and Xing Fei does a wonderful job of capturing Si Tu Mo's accessibility as she.

You can't deny the warmth, humor, and understated romance that reflects from their on-screen chemistry.

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder season 2 Cast

Stars As
Zheng Ying Chen Wang Shan
Zhou Jun Wei Lin Zhi Cun
Zhou Zi Xin Xie Yu Yin
Zhang Hao Lun Zhou Lei
Jie Bing Professor Jiang
Rong Rong Xu Ping
Yi Sha Tu Jie Er

What Are The Expectations From Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2?

put your head on my shoulder season 2 release date

The audience wants to see how Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi's relationship progresses. As the season progresses, viewers hope to see the couple's blossoming romance, strengthened emotional bonds, and resolution of any lingering conflicts from the previous season.

One possible storyline for season 2 involves the introduction of Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo's families. There could be room for both drama and comedy as the two families adjust to their newfound relationship.

Viewers would hope for a satisfying ending to the series if the second season were to be the last. They would like to see the story come full circle, with no unanswered questions and a satisfying conclusion for the characters they've come to care about.

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Trailer OF The Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2

So my friends there is no trailer available because since the creators haven't confirmed the premiere date publicly, setting a date is pointless. Put Your Head on My Shoulder Season 2 would likely premiere in the middle of 2023, should a second season be made.

But here is the trailer for season 1, watch and increase your Curiosity

Link: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Where Can I Watch Put Your Head On My Shoulder?

You can easily watch the series on Viki and Netflix. A great show to watch on streaming services is Put Your Head On My Shoulder. It has a fantastic plot, fascinating protagonists, and riveting acting.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder How Many Episodes

There are 25 Episodes in Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 1

Rating And Reviews For Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Release Date

It is an endearing love story that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The leading actors have fantastic chemistry, and their sweet scenes together will melt your heart. The story captures the excitement and nervousness of first love beautifully.

This drama is a must-see for lovers of the genre thanks to its winning combination of comedy, romance, and likable characters.

The sharpness and timing of the dialogue make for hilarious situations. The drama brilliantly captures the freshness and thrill of young love. There is palpable chemistry between the actors, and the plot holds your attention throughout.

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At last, I would say might see Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi's relationship reaching a significant milestone, such as a deeper commitment or an affirmation of their love. It could explore the challenges they face as a couple and how they overcome them, strengthening their bond even further.

Now just have to see how long its release date comes, as soon as any official information comes, I will definitely update you, if I have missed some points, please comment freely.

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