Pureayre Net Worth: How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Pureayre?

PureAyre is a brand of all-natural odor-neutralizers that are completely safe to consume.

Even though the nontoxic material is potent enough to get rid of skunk and cat pee smells, it is safe to spray straight onto human and animal skin.

The PureAyre Odor Eliminator will help people with pets and others who experience the negative impacts of lingering smells.

Because PureAyre uses natural enzymes to break down foul-smelling molecules, it differs from other odor-removing products. This distinguishes it from competing goods of a similar nature.

Company Name PureAyre
Entrepreneur James Mitchell
Product / Business An all-natural odor eliminator
Investment Asking For $150,000 for 10% equity in PureAyre
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode  Season 2 Episode 03
Business Status In Business

What is the Net Worth of Pureayre?

According to seoaves, PureAyre had a $1.5 million valuation at the time of its Shark Tank appearance.

Pureayre Net Worth

As of May 2022, PureAyre has a $5 million market value.

Who is the Founder of Pureayre?

The company PureAyre was founded by James Mitchell. The high school where James Mitchell studied was Stephen F. Austin.

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While attending the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, he additionally took part in a number of recitals and concerts.

James Mitchell's selfless objective was to develop a risk-free product that would improve the world.

He was surprised to learn that almost all of the air fresheners that were easily accessible in grocery stores and supermarkets included potentially dangerous chemicals, some of which are capable of significantly harming the environment.

What Became of Pureayre After Shark Tank?

James Mitchell, the Pure Ayre founder, appeared on an episode of “Shark Tank” in the hopes of securing a $150,000 financial investment in exchange for a 10% interest in Pure Ayre.

Pure Ayre is an odor neutralizer that adheres to organic or food-grade standards.

Pureayre Net Worth

Pure Ayre is a non-toxic chemical that successfully removes strong and unpleasant odours such as cat pee.

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The odor neutralizer works by dissolving the particles that cause the foul odor before imparting an aroma reminiscent of Pure Ayre.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Pureayre?

The goal of Mitchell's “Shark Tank” pitch to the investor panel was to raise $150,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership stake in PureAyre.

He emphasizes that Pure Ayre is the only item on the market that is manufactured entirely of natural components and is risk-free.

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Then Mitchell goes up to one of the Sharks, Barbara Corcoran, and asks for a moment's help.

Pureayre Net Worth

She complies with his request and observes Mitchell spritz a piece of clothing with ammonia, which produces a smell resembling that of urine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Pure Ayre?

James Mitchell, the Founder of Pure Ayre, Appeared on an Episode of “Shark Tank” in the Hopes of Securing a $150,000 Financial Investment in Exchange for a 10% Interest in Pure Ayre. Pure Ayre is an Odour Neutralizer That is Organic or Food-grade.

How Do You Make Use of Pure Ayre?

All Pets and People Are Safe! For Air, Fabrics, and So on, Use the “Spray” Option. To Get Deep Into Gaps, Carpets, or Foam Padding, Use the “Stream” Setting (Do Not Pour). To Eradicate Odours, Spray in and Around the Bedding and Kennel as Needed.

What Odour Eliminator is Ok for Cats?

Pureayre is the Only Food-grade Odour Remover on the Market. That Means Pureayre is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Eliminate Unpleasant Odours, Even Around Food and on People and Pets.