Propagation: Paradise Hotel – A Survival Horror VR Game!

WanadevStudio has announced that they will be expanding the universe of their free-to-play virtual reality game, Propagation VR, following the huge success of their first product, Propagation VR, released last year.

In order to accomplish this, they have announced Propagation: Paradise Hotel, a virtual reality survival horror game that will be released on PC via Steam in late 2022.

What is Propagation: Paradise Hotel?

It has been announced that Propagation VR (2020), the short VR survival horror game that was released on PC VR headsets last year, would be followed by a sequel titled Propagation: Paradise Hotel.

When developer WanadevStudio demonstrated the game at Upload VR's showcase, they revealed the upcoming sequel, which they describe as an “intense VR survival horror adventure with thrilling storytelling, in which you will explore dark environments, come face to face with terrifying encounters, and get your adrenaline pumping.”

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

A single-player adventure set in the Propagation universe will be served out by WanadevStudio, with the emphasis on exploration, stealth, and action. The sequel will be released in 2019. There will also be plenty of zombies and monsters.

For its visceral zombie-shooting experience, Propagation VR was made available for free on Steam in September 2020, earning it an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive' user rating on the platform.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Gameplay

Prepare to flex your steely nerves, since this game will have players exploring dark regions and engaging in combat with potentially lethal animals.

It all starts while you are working at the opulent Paradise Hotel, where the apocalypse has descended upon the world.

If you have been hiding for several weeks, surviving while others have become sick and insane, causing them to attack one another with inexplicable yet contagious rage, you realize it is time to start moving. It is true that, if you want to survive, you will have to get out of there sooner or later.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

Because the initial title in this series is a free-to-play VR title available on Steam, it is a wonderful opportunity to not only get your feet wet in this universe, but it is also a great way to experiment with survival-horror virtual reality.

Once you've decided whether you're up to the challenge or not, keep an eye out for additional information about Propagation: Paradise Hotel as the release date approaches next year.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Release Date

Paradise Hotel is expected to be released on SteamVR headsets in late 2022, according to Wanadev.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

Despite the fact that the studio has not stated whether or if the game would be released on other platforms in addition to SteamVR, it has done so with its previous title Ragnarock (2021), a Viking-themed rhythm game that was released on both SteamVR and Oculus Quest.

Final Words

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