Prologue – Everything We Know So Far

Brendan Greene, well known by his gaming alias “PlayerUnknown” looks to be determined to move on from his battle royale beginnings. Players will get their first taste of the developer's shifting aspirations in Prologue, a mystery yet promising project that was announced at the 2019 Game Awards in Los Angeles.

You could have missed the intriguing Prologue teaser because it was sandwiched amid a slew of high-profile announcements, including the unveiling of the Xbox Series X and the release of Hellblade 2. Greene has chosen to keep the specifics under wraps, a decision that has resulted in players begging for even the slightest morsels of information.

And so, what exactly can you expect from the maestro whose inventions have already had a long-lasting impact on the video game industry?

So far, Greene has released the following information regarding Prologue.

When will Prologue be released?

Greene and PlayerUnknown Productions have not provided an official release date for Prologue, but it is evident that the studio is attempting to generate interest in the game.

Visitors are urged to provide their email addresses on the bare-bones website in order to get future announcements about the project. “The game still has some time to go before we are ready to share more, so please bear with us,” says the introductory email you receive after signing up.


In the coming weeks and months, the studio will most likely release additional insights and sneak peeks inside the Prologue experience. Given that the title has already been declared by the firm, you can fairly anticipate that it will be released within the next few years.

Is there a trailer for Prologue?

The trailer for Prologue serves more as a teaser than anything else. An astonishing amount of detail has been incorporated into this image of a stormy forest: there are leaves swirling around, thunder thundering above, and greenery changing in the wind. At first glance, it appears to be a static image.

Once a dog barks someplace off-screen, you know you're seeing the storm through the eyes of someone who is terrified and alone. Thunder rumbles, lightning strikes, and this poor, gasping-for-air character scramble around in fear as those barks get closer. After that, the shot fades to black.

Despite the fact that the teaser only has thirty seconds of content, Greene and his team make the most of their limited time. It is the “new technologies” that Greene has mentioned in his remarks about the project that are referenced in the stunning graphics.

Which Platforms Will Be Supported?

The stunning graphics of Prologue will necessitate the use of high-end technology to fully enjoy the game. The game may be able to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of next-generation platforms, such as the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 5.


It's also a safe bet that Greene's vision of constructing worlds on a grand scale will come to fruition on the PC, which has long outpaced the performance capabilities of console games.

In either case, you'll almost certainly need the most up-to-date graphics cards to get the most out of this immersive experience. It is possible that playing Prologue will necessitate the use of technology that does not yet available, based on the studio's ambitions.

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