Watch the New Gameplay Trailer for Project Relic and the Game Is Set to Launch in Early 2023!

Project Relic Gameplay Trailer

During tonight's Future Games Show, the developers of Project Relic, an upcoming multiplayer soulslike, released a new gameplay trailer.

The fighting in the game is shown in detail in the teaser, and it appears to be on par with its Dark Souls-inspired predecessor.

As the player battles massive monsters, the action appears to be fluid, but it is actually quite frantic. This is a situation in which quick reaction times will be advantageous.

Project Relic is being developed by the South Korean studio Project Cloud Games, which has a total of nine individuals working on the game.

Project Relic Gameplay

It's not as if producing a game for Dark Souls fans wasn't a difficult enough task for the small team; Project Relic will also include multiplayer, though the specifics of how that will work are still being worked out by the developers.

Despite the fact that Project Cloud Games is an indie firm, the visuals we see in the trailer are of triple-A quality, even if we neglect the gameplay.

Project Relic

In particular, the usage of lighting is noteworthy; when the sun goes down, each sword swing and each spell cast becomes your sole source of illumination.

A tumbling bolder was shown in the clip, suggesting that the open-world won't be static at all. This could also indicate that we'll be able to take advantage of our environment in battle.

Project Relic Release Date

Project Relic

Project Relic does not have a defined release date, but the company is aiming for a launch in the first quarter of 2023. It will be available on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Final Words

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