Watch the New Gameplay Trailer for Project Ferocious an Excellent Dinosaur Action Game Being Built by a Solitary Dev!

Project Ferocious, a brand new dinosaur horror shooter developed by WD BLACK, was announced at the Future Games Show, which was sponsored by WD BLACK.

The game's graphics are inspired by Death Stranding's muted tones at first, but gradually shift to resemble some sort of Jurassic Park scenario that has gone even more horrifying. The game was created by a single developer, Leo, at OMGYOG.

Project Ferocious takes place on a strange tropical island, and it has you reacting to a distress call from a group of investigative journalists who have gone missing while on assignment.

Project Ferocious

You find a completely unexplored island, whose location and occupants are being kept secret by an adversarial power that will stop at nothing to keep their location – and residents – hidden.

You come on the island with a camera in hand, determined to learn the truth about the island and what happened to the journalists who had gone missing.

Although you're unprepared for the challenges of this strange environment, you're armed with a variety of weapons and gadgets that will help you survive.

This is especially useful since some of the island's inhabitants are dinosaurs that want to rip you apart into small bits and pieces.

You'll be rappelling down cliffs, diving through underwater caves, and generally doing anything you can to dodge the villagers and the dinosaurs while trying to stay alive in this game.

Project Ferocious

Stealth exploration is combined with first-person shooter battles set against the stunning island backdrop, resulting in an experience that should excite players who have been looking for a game that draws influence from Dino Crisis and other classic games.

In addition to Project Ferocious, trailers for two other recently announced games – Jurassic World Evolution 2 and horror action game Instinction – were shown at this year's Future Games Show.

Project Ferocious

Despite a recent dearth of experiences with our ancient friends, it appears that dinosaur games, um, manage to find their way into our lives. Check out our E3 2021 itinerary to see if there are any additional Jurassic-themed surprises in store for you over the next several days.

Regardless of the context, Project Ferocious is presently aiming for a 2023 release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with platforms currently confirmed for these platforms.

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