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A skilled Comanche warrior protects her tribe from a highly evolved alien predator that hunts humans for sport. She fights the wild, dangerous colonizers and this mysterious creature to keep her people safe.

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Prey Movie Review

A gathering of close male friends decides to go hiking in the forest. They are being pursued in this area by an adversary whose identity is unclear. Will there be anyone left alive?

Prey Movie Review

Because this movie is only 90 minutes long, it shouldn't be too tricky, right? Nope. It seems like a long movie. Lengthier. It builds up some excellent suspense right off the bat, but then it starts to slow down, and I think many people will get bored.

The audience's interest is piqued and maintained by Prey. The film has both lows and highs. This causes Prey to have the sensation of being longer.

The cast may be recognizable to those who are familiar with the most prominent German actors and actresses, but I enjoyed the fact that I was unfamiliar with them. The suspense and thrills of Prey are amplified when the cast is kept secret.

The history of the characters is one of the game's selling points. They give excellent performances in their parts. The story is told by flashing back to various points in time. How effective were the recollections of the past? Was there a need for it?

This idea has been done before in the form of a survival thriller set in the woods. Even though it's a thriller, there aren't many exciting moments. If you don't mind that, playing Prey can be more enjoyable.

The conclusion of this survival thriller won't appeal to everyone, but it has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment for the audience. Find something else to watch if you're looking for an exciting movie.

‘Prey' Hits the Target

I adore horror movies in remote locations and depict terrible things happening there. This particular kind of horror appeals to a dread of becoming disoriented and falling a few notches down the food chain. This fear can be tapped into whether the antagonists are horrible animals hunting you through a cave or people searching through the woods after taking a wrong turn.

Prey Movie Review

They have a propensity to be formulaic, with the protagonists and villains driving the variations. In light of this, the German Netflix Original Prey carves out a space for itself by inverting the traditional roles of the hunter and the hunted in the conventional narrative.

Prey is a thriller with a primary focus on survival, and it was written and directed by Thomas Sieben. It stars David Kross, Hanno Koffler, Robert Finster, Yung Ngo, Klaus Steinbacher, and Maria Ehrich. In the movie, five guys go camping in the wilderness of a national park for some much-needed R&R.

They act like any other group of brothers would, chatting about how they party, their friendships, and other topics. That is until one of them gets injured by a hunting rifle bullet discharged through the trees in what they assume to be an accident.

Prey Movie Review

They initially thought it was an accident. When they finally make it back to the car, it is evident that it was anything but and that a hunter out in the woods has chosen to make them their meal.

Prey Movie Trailer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Movie Prey Good?

PREY, a new German thriller on Netflix, is about people trying to stay alive. It starts well and has a lot going for it. But it also feels long, even though it's only 87 minutes long. Still, it's an excellent show to watch on a Friday night. September 10, 2021.

Is the Story in the Movie Prey Real?

The true story of the Tsavo Man-Eaters during the colonial era was the basis for the movie. It was shot in Gauteng and Limpopo, which are both in South Africa.

What Is the Movie Prey About?

Five friends on the run from a mysterious shooter turn a hiking trip into a desperate attempt to stay alive. Five friends on the run from a mysterious shooter turn a hiking trip into a desperate attempt to stay alive.