Prey 2: Release Date, Cast Details, Story | Where to Watch It?

Prey 2: Prey was a real delight for fans of the Predator franchise. 10 Cloverfield Lane filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg delivered a thriller set in the 18th century Great Plains of North America, centered on the Native American warrior Naru, played by Amber Midthunder.

Naru's life is irrevocably altered when a terrifying creature from another world lands nearby and begins wreaking unimaginable carnage. Naru, on the other hand, has her own set of killing skills to take on the Predator.

Can we expect a sequel to Prey, given the ending's savagery and twists? We have all the details of a potential future film. However, there will be spoilers ahead.

Will There Be a Pray 2?

Since Prey came out in 2012, there haven't been any solid updates on Prey 2 other than vague comments from director Dan Trachtenberg and star Amber Midthunder.

The story of the possible sequel and whether Prey 2 will pay off the tease from Prey's animated end-title sequence, which hinted at the return of more Predators right after it, is the main topic of speculation.

Prey 2

This scene, along with the use of the flintlock pistol from 1990's Predator 2, gives us hope that Prey's story will continue directly from where it left off and connect to other Predator movies.

Prey 2: Possible Release Date

If there is a second part to Prey, it won't come out until at least 2024. Well, Prey was first announced in 2020, then shot, edited, and released in 2022, so we would expect a sequel to be confirmed at least two years after that.

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What Could Be the Plot of Prey 2?

Prey is mostly a story that stands on its own, and there is no credit scene. But at the end of the animated credits that tell the movie's story again, there's a tease of Naru and her camp looking up at the Predator ships that are coming. It could just be a cool way to end the first part of the credits, or it could be a sign that another Predator is coming.

After all, if Naru has shown herself to be such a good opponent, other Predators will want to give it a try. The other interesting thing about the ending of Prey that could be picked up on in the sequel is that Naru gets a flintlock pistol, which we saw Greyback give to Mike Harrigan at the end of Predator 2.

Prey 2

We'd think it was the same gun because it had the same markings (we've added more speculation here), so it would have to go back to a Predator at some point, which could happen in the next movie.

Prey 2 Cast: Who Will Return for Prey 2?

The Predator killed a lot of people in the first film, but it met its match in Amber Midthunder's Naru, who we assume will return in the sequel if it happens. Unfortunately for Naru, the Predator killed her brother Taabe (played by Dakota Beavers). Her mother Aruka (played by Michelle Thrush) is still alive and well and may appear in Prey 2.

The only other possible reappearance is Julian Black Antelope's War Chief Kehetu, as we expect Naru to be a full-fledged hunter given her exploits in the first film, which gained her the War Chief's esteem. It's also possible that if we do get a sequel, it will tell an altogether new plot or skip ahead in time.

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That would be a shame because Midthunder has received a lot of praise for her performance as Naru. Former basketball star Dane DiLiegro played the Predator in Prey, and while this Predator was killed by Naru, DiLiegro could return in the sequel to play a different Predator.

Is There a Trailer for Prey 2?

Unfortunately, as it's not even been confirmed, any prey 2 footage is a while away yet as filming isn't even close to starting.

Where Can I Watch Prey?

In the UK, you can watch Prey on Disney+, and in the US, you can watch it on Hulu.