Pokimane’s Boyfriend: Is She Really Dating Someone In 2022?

Pokimane's December 30 live was interrupted by a mysterious stranger, “Kevin,” who has since sparked a flurry of speculation that the man is the celebrity streamer's long-lost boyfriend.

In a December 30 Livestream, Imane ‘Pokimane' Anys may have casually revealed that she had a secret boyfriend named Kevin.

For a long time, her fans have speculated about Pokimane's romantic situation. Outside of a “single btw” tweet that went viral in March, the Twitch star has kept quiet about the issue. She's even joked that she'd date a Twitch viewer if the opportunity came.

However, Pokimane prefers to keep her personal life private.

That is, until “Kevin” arrived on the scene on December 30. Pokimane's supporters are now convinced that she has exposed her secret partner, and they're going crazy.

Pokimane Reveals Mystery Man Kevin

While Anys was offline, Kevin was sitting next to her, sipping a cup of joe and listening to music while they chatted about nothing in particular.

As Pokimane's viewer-heavy Twitch discussion went into overdrive, Kevin — who the internet knows very nothing about — exclaimed, “This is ridiculous.” The two were described as “wonderful together” by one person as “Yo, it's OUR boyfriend.”

“Dating or siblings?” the mysterious man inquired.


“Huge connection” became increasingly obvious when the two streamed for two hours together without saying anything about a relationship or their reasons for streaming, which has led to a strong belief that the two are in a relationship.

After observing the Twitch discussion for a while, Kevin commented, “I'm just one random man that happened to be on the stream one time.” ‘Thank you for the warm welcome, I really do appreciate it.'

Will Anys Announce Relationship?

Even while Pokimane and Kevin may have had evident chemistry and flowed off of each other naturally when broadcasting on Twitch, this does not necessarily imply that they are dating or anything other than friends.

However, you shouldn't expect Anys to affirm either option.

pokimane boyfriend

She shared with her audience that she has “made the decision that I do not want my personal life to be a part of my programming” since she began streaming online videos. “I'm going to stand by it until either I or whoever I'm seeing at the time makes a different decision. If I'm going to have a connection with someone, I want it to be with just the two of us, not with a thousand other people.


Pokimane clocked in as Twitch's third-biggest female broadcaster during the year, slipping behind the site's stream-queen Amouranth and her constant broadcasts. Pokimane did not cease streaming throughout the year.

Chemistry Between The Two

During the nearly five-hour stream, the two talked with their followers and provided responses to comments made about them and their work. During the chill-hang out stream, the two watched a number of videos and discussed their reactions to them.

The viewers assert that they saw the streamers interacting in a way that demonstrated “chemistry.”

Kevin said during a recent live stream, “I'm just one random dude that happened to be on the stream one time,” after discovering how many people were watching the Pokimane Twitch live.

Kevin made this statement after noticing how many people were watching the Pokimane Twitch live.

It is currently unknown whether or not they are in a romantic relationship; it is possible that they are “simply close pals,” but who knows. On the other side, viewers just adore them.