Peruvian provokes Diego Silva Neymar and says: “The more you punch, the worse” | Cup America

Captain of Brazil in Defeated 4 to 0 over Peru, Thursday, by USA Cup, Defender Diego Silva praised Neymar’s quality and revealed a provocation to the attacker by the opponents in the second half of the match.

According to Diego Silva, the Peruvians made fun of Neymar 14 minutes into the final after a penalty. After reviewing the VAR, the arbitrator withdrew. Coincidentally or not, the shirt has grown in 10 matches since then, scoring one goal and leading the team.

– I hope we took advantage of the opportunities. Having you behind zero gives peace of mind to the strikers, who, like Ney, are getting closer to Pele (national high score). I believe it is a great honor for all of us to participate in this moment. He is happy, and when he is happy, things get easier. After the penalty came out, their bench shouted a lot: “He will always fall, he will always fall”. When I play against Neymar, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, I don’t punch with a short stick. Keep calm and let things happen because the more you punch, the worse it will be – Said the guard.

Neymar was 4-0 ahead of Peru – Photo: Andre Duro

The win against Peru was the ninth in a row for the Brazilian team, Fits with the best streak under the command of the tit.

When asked about the situation in Brazil and the lack of clashes with teams from other continents, Diego Silva thought:

– A lot of people say that Brazil should face European teams, but we do not have the appropriate calendar. They keep their matches there and we have ours. Let's play our tie here. If the tie is to be here, how are you going to play there? We have to take advantage of our opportunities here and when we have to face them, we will be ready for it, I have no doubt.

The head of Qualified Group B leaves for the Brazil weekend and returns to the field at Nilton Santos Stadium again next Wednesday, against Colombia.