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Will There Be a Season 2 of Perry Mason? Everything You Need to Know!

Perry Mason is the latest in a long line of outstanding HBO drama shows to captivate and excite audiences, and the good news is that there will be more! We go into the various mysteries this TV series offers and get you all the answers you need to prepare for the next edition of the neo-noir series now that Perry Mason has been renewed for a second season.   

Perry Mason premiered in June 2020, and HBO announced just a month later that the show had been renewed for a second season. The series occurs in 1930s America as the country recovers from the Great Depression.

The titular character, played by Matthew Rhys, is a down-and-out private detective dealing with personal troubles and a massive kidnapping case. We can't wait to see what exciting investigations Perry Mason will investigate next in season 2!

But when may we expect to see the new season on television? Who will return for more investigative drama? We've done all we can to gather information for you!

Perry Mason Season 2: Expected Storyline

When it comes to story elements, the team behind Perry Mason season 2 keeps their cards close to their breast in a typical neo-noir way. However, we have unraveled the secrets as much as possible to provide you with some answers.

Perry Mason Season 2

By the end of the first season, Perry has found a new purpose in life and has established Mason and Associates alongside Della Street (Juliet Rylance) and detective Paul Drake (Chris Chalk). Perry Mason season 2 will center on the trio's ongoing fight for justice in a corrupt world.

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Based on the previous season, it's logical to expect season 2 to focus on just one major case for the team. What that case will remain to be seen, though there are many novels on which the show is based that may provide some hints.

In May 2021, star Matthew Rhys told Deadline, “You're taking up where you left off, to some extent, but you're also starting something completely fresh and different.” Being the person he is, witnessing the legal system and its obstacles would, hopefully, be highly intriguing.”

Honestly, it sounds pretty obscure, but Perry Mason appears to have a difficult path ahead of him. Shea Wigham, Mason's co-star, had a bit more to say, telling Collider that the upcoming season would see Mason “in the soup again” and that he hopes his character, Strickland, “can help him navigate that.”

Who Will Appear in the Cast of Perry Mason Season 2?

Let's start with something simple. In Perry Mason Season 2, Matthew Rhys will reprise his role as the main character. I didn't think you'd get that one, did you? Juliet Rylance and Chris Chalk will return as Della Street and Paul Drake, respectively.

Perry Mason Season 2

This makes sense, given that the team just assisted Mason in launching his law practice, Mason and Associates. As previously stated, Shea Whigham will return for season 2, with his character Pete Strickland seeking to help Perry Mason in any way he can.

Tatiana Maslany, unfortunately, will not be returning for the following season. Due to schedule issues, the actor who played Sister Alice in season 1 has had to withdraw from the show. We assume it has something to do with the MCU TV show She-Hulk.

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That's all we know for now about Perry Mason season 2, but we'll keep digging through our case files and update you as soon as we find any new hot leads.

Perry Mason Season 2 Release Date Speculation

At this point, we all know there will be a second season of Perry Mason. No date has been set for when the second season will come out, and there hasn't even been any word that filming is done yet.

Matthew Rhys, who played Perry Mason, told Deadline in May 2021 that the start of filming was “a moving set of goalposts. It has been moving steadily for a while, like an iceberg. And I think we're pretty much looking at winter now.”

Perry Mason Season 2

More recently, co-star Shea Wigham told Collider that the team was “about halfway through the second season,” so it could still be a while before we see Perry Mason season 2 on our screens. If we had to guess, we would say summer 2023, the same time the first season comes out, in June 2020.

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Perry Mason Season 2 Trailer: When Can We Watch It?

Season 2 was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that filming has started again, we should have the new trailer for season 2 in the coming months. Until then, you should watch the trailer for the first season. Please watch this great Trailer, which will make you want to watch the whole series.

Review of Season 1

The first season of Perry Mason was pretty interesting, and it ended with episodes. When the last episode was called, Drake turned in his resignation, and Holcomb said he was going to kill Ennis. Mason walks into Jonathan's office and takes over as his secretary.

Drake, on the other hand, later becomes Jonathan's main detective. Mason tries to find Alice, who went missing while looking for someone, and the show ends with a huge cliffhanger where we see Mason take the black thread right in front of Charlie's eyes.

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