Ticket Accounts Cancelled by Penn State Using Mobile-only Ticket Data!

Penn State Cancels Ticket-Penn State University's athletics department revoked about 500 football season ticket holder accounts, allegedly because those customers resold their tickets too frequently. As the University's renewal procedure for the 2022 season got began in late January, the account holders believed to be ticket brokers were told that they no longer had the right to renew their tickets.

The account culling was made feasible by the usage of Ticketmaster's mobile-only ticketing system, which allows users to use, sell, or transfer tickets entirely through a closed application that requires broad permissions for data collecting. “…[W]e undertook an audit of our inventory and service needs and are making a conscious attempt to engage directly with our consumers by eliminating accounts whose major purpose for purchase is reselling their tickets,” the email to affected account-holders states.

In the fall of 2019, Penn State began adopting Ticketmaster's “Safetix” technology, which uses a “dynamic” barcode to prevent anybody from doing anything with tickets purchased without the express permission of the ticketing app. The change has been heavily derided by fans, who say it has caused considerable problems at stadium admission, even for tech-savvy students. Just over two years later, the school has taken action against those it believes are selling too frequently or for too much money, including one year when no fans were permitted in its home stadium but season ticket holders were still compelled to pay hefty donations to preserve their accounts.

Penn State Cancels Ticket (1)
Penn State Cancels Ticket (1)

According to a Penn State employee who talked with StateCollege.com about the situation, the data available on all users through Ticketmaster's system enabled the tracking of who was selling what tickets for what games, and at what price. Non-renewal was assigned to those who sold tickets for more than face value regularly. “We're just going about our business,” the official said, adding that season ticket holder who resale tickets to friends, family, or the general public were not targeted. According to StateCollege.com, the official was also certain that any fans who had purchased tickets but chose not to attend games because of COVID-19 would be unaffected.

Frequently, such purges of what are thought to be ticket broker accounts result in the confiscation of numerous non-brokers' accounts. One family, for example, sold the majority of their Denver Broncos tickets after having a kid, only to discover that they had been labelled as a broker and their season account had been revoked. We wrote an email to Penn State Associate Athletic Director for Ticketing Sales and Service Rob Kristiniak on Friday morning, asking what the threshold was for how much resale was too much in their decision-making process.

It's also likely that the cull is linked to the rights-desire holder's for greater direct control over its ticket resale market, rather than any attempt to make tickets more widely available at “face value.” The Los Angeles Dodgers notoriously cancelled season tickets accounts for a third to almost half of the seats in their home stadium to collaborate with a single ticket resale partner and maximise income. Penn State has made no declaration to that effect, but it is standard procedure, and given that it is a public university, it would very certainly be revealed at some time if true.

If Penn State responds, TicketNews will update this item with any further information.

Penn State Cancels Ticket (2)
Penn State Cancels Ticket (2)

Hundreds of accounts labelled brokers are allegedly having their season ticket renewals cancelled by Penn State.

According to StateCollege.com's Ben Jones, Penn State has allegedly revoked 460 football season ticket-holding accounts after watching how the tickets were resold.

According to StateCollege.com, account holders were contacted through email:

The email continues, “…we undertook an audit of our inventory and service needs and are making a purposeful attempt to connect directly to our consumers by deleting accounts whose major purpose for purchasing is reselling their tickets.”

The change to mobile ticketing for the 2021 season, according to an unidentified Penn State official, enables the athletic administration to track resale of tickets. Season ticket holders who resale tickets to friends, family, or the general public, according to the source, were not targeted in the attempt. According to the study, “each of the 460 flagged accounts was in possession of many tickets, all of which frequently sold at or over market value.”


Penn State and Ticketmaster have an official resale arrangement, according to the report. Penn State, on the other hand, prohibits season ticket purchases for the “principal purpose” of resale.

Many athletic events have switched to mobile/digital tickets in recent seasons due to COVID concerns. In Week 1 of the 2022 season, Penn State travels to Purdue. The Nittany Lions' home opener is against Ohio in Week 2.

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