Palmeras’ Patrick De Paula Misses Six Minutes of Play After Being Stabbed in the Ear Palm Trees

Palmeras midfielder Patrick de Paula missed six minutes of the first half. Fight with USA-MG, This Sunday morning, ear piercing. The team from Sவோo Paulo won the match 2-1.

In the locker rooms, the athlete was warned by the Alviverte Board that he would be fined for what happened.

The referee noticed that the player had a guard in the piercing, which was not allowed, and asked him to remove the object. But it is not so easy. Also Palmeras spent part of the game on the field with ten players.

Players try to get Patrick de Paula's hole – Photo: Breeding

The situation disturbed some Palmeras players. During the premiere broadcast, reporter Edgar Allencar scolded his colleague Captain Felipe Melo for the problem.

When Patrick de Paula tried to pick up the punch, goalkeeper Jailson fell on the lawn asking for help. The gesture annoyed the American-MG players, who saw him trying to interrupt the game so that Palmeras could not be less than a man.


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See the best moments of Palmeras 2 x 1 America