Paddington: The Bear You Will Fall For

The news has been confirmed that an avalanche is on its way with a sweeping ardour. You all must be alarmed; no need to worry as we are referring to Paddington; the bear is an endearing children's beloved character. His adorable hat and marmalade dripped from his fingers, and his mouth was always full with the same. He surely is a bear dearest to all.


About the movie Paddington 

The British- French media franchise has completed its seven years and counting more in the market. The series's foundation was laid in 2014 with 2 sequels in a row. In 2020, the franchise was garnered with a tv show in its lineage. Animated series produced by StudioCanal, widely enjoyed by kids over Nickelodeon with the title ‘The Adventures of Paddington'.

We get to see Ben Whishaw as Paddington Bear. Our beloved character has a dark story of origin.

Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington bear, got the inspiration for this fictional character from world war II, with the evacuation of London children and the plight of immigrated Jews from Europe. On Christmas eve (1956) as he was walking past the London store near Paddington Station, he noticed a lone teddy bear and from there on the two incidents got attached in such a way that the result was a storybook ‘A bear Called Paddington' getting published only to result into a franchise ranging from stuffed toys, to movies and shows airing Worldwide.

Catching up on the Previous Release!

With the rights of movie claimed by Warner Bros.Paddington (2014), Paddington recounts the tale of a lost bear on the railway station, immigrated from Peru and reaches London and fortunately becomes one with the brown family where he found his home. Paddington 2, released in 2017, was no less of a success. The two productions scored more than $55 million and $42 million dollars, respectively at the box office. With 99% reviews praising the broadcast and cinema score of ‘A', it has done a commendable job.

Paddington 3 News and Gossip

Back in 2016, the producers declared the intention of storming the theatre with another gem to the series. Five years later, the development of the same has finally begun. The franchise has made an Announcement over the 2021 Cannes Film Festival about its filming to commence in June or later in 2022. The audience can't hold back anymore, the excitement that they are anticipating. However, we won't see Paul King in the directorial position for this addition. But his contribution is still not going to be any small.

Hugh Bonneville is spilling the beans, claiming the ‘forward momentum' and movie being somewhere on the horizon, with StudioCanal confirming the same. We can confirm that our wait won't be disappointing, and we will be able to witness the journey of Paddington over the silver screen soon.
Cast and release date

With no official news confirming the former. We might be lucky to get to see all our previous favourite characters back on the set. We can confirm Ben Whishaw's presence over the set, though.

Wrapping up

With the Paddington bear coming to the nearest screens, it is expected that it will be a delight for the audience. We can't wait to see our beloved bear battle adversaries and preserve harmony against possibly a London backdrop. We all will surely find a heartwarming message at the end of the tale, often intermixed with some lighthearted comedy. The movie will be great. We really hope you will enjoy the movie. Do push like and comment below about your views on the storyline. Visit our website for more content on entertainment.