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Pacman 30th Anniversary: Why Does Pacman Game Have such a Fan Base?

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman's 30th anniversary is a big party to celebrate the company's birthday and show how great its games are, from arcades to smartphones. This arcade game was first made by Namco Limited in Japan in 1980. Pacman's innovative design can change the way people think about things.

Due to the many different versions and restrictions, it became a very profitable game platform for any electronic game platform. Soon, it was written about in newspapers, magazines, cartoon TV shows, popular songs, and on best-seller lists for goods in the United States. On Pac-30th Man's birthday, Google put a link to free play on the page logo.

History of Pacman

Toru Iwatani, a member of Namco Limited's team, did most of the work on the classic video game. He wanted to make a peaceful, fun game that didn't focus on violence. Pacman has reached many important points in his history. Here is the company's report broken down by year.

1980:On May 22, the first focus test for Pac-Man was done. Pacman came out in Japan in June 1980. In the United States, the classic version of the game came out in October 1980. Since 100,000 copies of the game were sold in the U.S. in just one year, it beats a lot of records.

In 1981, the company made a new game, called Dual Fighter, along with an advanced bonus stage system and a dual Fighter. Galaga was the name of it.

In 1982, Ms PAC-MAN came out. It was the first version of the game to include women, who were shown with a ribbon on top. But the other game was made in the same way as Pacman. “Pacman Fever” did well when it came out.


It was ranked 9th on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and the album version was ranked 24th on the music charts. But Cartoons were also shown on TV channels in the United States that were part of the ABC network.

In 1983, PACMAN was so popular in the US that millions of people played it. Pacman's biggest fans called it “the Mickey Mouse of the 1980s.”

1984: A new game with a different point of view came out. To get to the top of the Tower, the player had to solve different mysteries.

In 1985, a game called “Dragon Buster” came out and became popular with gamers. It is a fight-scrolling game in which the player has to run away from the dragons to save the princess.

In 1987, a company made a shooting game called “Dragon Spirit,” in which a hero turns into an evil demon monster king. Metal Hawk came out in 1988 and is a shooting game where the player drives a big arcade cab to get to the fighting helicopter. This game also got a lot of attention from gamers.

1989: A Pop Art theme was also made, and the studio's Art Director, Master Printmaker, and Rupert Jasen Smith were in charge of it. The piece of art was shown at the Japan PACP, which was held in Tokyo. Valkyrie No Densetsu, a new action game with well-known characters, was also given to gamers.

In 1990, new technologies were added to games to make them more fun. In Japan, Super Famicom, Game Gear, and Neo Geo were some of the best new games. For amazing amusement and theme parks, a large-scale shooting game with 3D technology was also put on the market.

From 1991 to 2004, Pac-Man made improvements to its technology and put out a new game every year to keep gamers interested.

2005: Toru Iwatani published his book “PAC-MAN No Game Gaku Nyumon” by Enterbrain publishers. Pacman achieved great success in this year for which it was striving for many years.

The Guinness Worlds Records acknowledged the game as the world’s Most Successful Coin operating game. Xbox 360 was initially also introduced this year in Japan.

2006: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS Lite, Wii, and Pac-Man Defense were also released in the year.

2009:  PSP GO was released in the year which was the fattest console to play games. Speed run to score better.

Why Do So Many People Like the Pac-man Game?

Even without the 30th anniversary, Pacman games have a lot of value in the market. There are still a lot of people who want to play these games. But because technology has grown, these games can now be played on game consoles.

Google thought a lot of the company on its 30th birthday when they released a new game to celebrate the event. It ruled the market, was consistent and cared about its users, which made it well-known and trusted by all of its fans.

How Do You Play the Pac-man Google Doodle for the 30th Anniversary?

Google always changes its logo for special occasions, but it didn't turn its logo into a game until the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. To find out where we can play that doodle game, just click the “I'm feeling lucky” button. After this step, you don't have to do anything else; the game will start on its own.


By clicking twice on the “Insert Coin” button, two people can play the game at once. The second player can use the WASD keys to move the character. This is how I used to play with my friends, and we had a lot of fun.

Where Can I Get the Pc Version of Pac-man's 30th Anniversary?

Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man are the only games that have been around for 40 years and are still very popular and fun to play. Google has decided that Pac-Man will always be playable online.

If you can't play the game whenever you want on Google Doodle, you can also download it for a better experience. Even though Google doesn't let you download this game, you can find it on a lot of other gaming sites.

Where you can easily download and play the free Pac-Man 30th-anniversary game. You can only play it on a PC or other desktop system.

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