Overlook – What We Know So Far

What Is Overlook?

Up to 16 players can participate in Overlook, which uses eight gamepads!. The game may be played with only one hand and half of the gamepad by one player. The players were divided into two groups.

The game allows you to either play as a defective robot whose purpose is to destroy as many robots as possible or as an overseer whose job is to search out and eliminate defective robots.

The gameplay is primarily influenced by the video game Hidden in Plain Sight. With Overlook, we hope to take Hidden in Plain Sight to a new degree of difficulty.

What is the gameplay of Overlook?

Overlook is a game of strategy, tactics, and observational abilities. It's perfect for a small or large group of friends to get together. Put your abilities to the test and see who can outperform the others! In order to win, you will frequently need to maintain your composure and attempt to deceive the opposing team.


Taking on this work is not simple — the clock is ticking, and the passage of time is not always in your favor. You will be divided into two groups, with each group having to choose between sick robots and overseers.

Because of the game's adaptability and party gaming elements, Overlook can accommodate 2-16 people on a single PC or console at the time of publication (up to 8 gamepads required).

How to play Overlook?

When the game begins, you are presented with a map populated by robots. Your first objective is to figure out where you are! Please avoid moving too hastily because there are watchful eyes looking! Now that you've established your present position, it's time to infect as many robots as possible with your virus.

Please keep in mind that until the overseer places his marker on top of the infected robots, their location will be hidden by the game. Keeping your distance from your opponent's markers helps you to move around freely and transmit the illness more effectively.


Put your abilities to the test by attempting to deceive the opposing team for as long as you possibly can. Don't be caught with your pants down!

It is your responsibility to locate players from the opposing team and remove them from the game. Move your marker around the map, looking for infected robots as you go along. Only by directing your finger exactly at the robots can you determine their current condition.

Move swiftly and attempt to figure out who is causing the sickness to spread! If you notice any questionable robots, mark them with your target and watch as the tongs remove them from the game. Take caution, because the amount of times you can be attacked is limited!

Is there a trailer?

Final Words

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