Overgeared Chapter 176 Spoilers, Release Date & Everything You Need to Know!

The manhwa Overgeared is quite well-liked right now. Overgeared, the plot of the newest ongoing Manhwa comic, has whipped the fandom into a tizzy. The majority of readers are looking forward to the announcement of Overgeared Chapter 176's publication time, date, and synopsis. This article includes every information regarding Overgeared Chapter 176.

Overgeared Chapter 176 Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 176 is scheduled to be published on Sunday, April 23, 2023. In addition, Overgeared Chapter 176 will be made accessible to readers in other countries at 6:00 p.m.

Overgeared Chapter 176 Spoilers

Shin Youngwoo, owner of the first legendary class Pagmas Descendant, is competing in the National Competition. He has various latent powers that may have been employed against Hurent, including as Restrain, Transcend, and Linked Kill.

Overgeared Chapter 176 Spoilers

To keep things as private as possible while yet appeasing the press, Yura steps in and encourages Youngwoo to use an interpreter. Because of her membership in the Tzedakah Guild, Yura will be able to avoid the media and stay with Youngwoo.

In the end, Yura manages to get away from the media and stay with Youngwoo.

What Happened in Overgeared Chapter 175?

Lee Junho was a bully in high school. After completing his education and military service, he was prosperous and certain. He just couldn't get out of his gangster head. He put in time at garages, convenience stores, cyber cafes, and building sites in order to make up for lost time.

He understood that using violence to steal money was pointless and that disregarding the weak was immoral. He expressed regret and promised to avoid contact with Shin Youngwoo in the future.

High-rise billboards airing replays of the Satisfy National Contest attracted a large audience to watch Youngwoo. While Yerim is powerful and assured, his brother is the superior athlete and person.

Sehee tries to wake up Yerim but fails. Jishuka is rescued by Youngwoo from Hurent, but was she a diplomat in disguise? What was the point of saving her? Yerim gets upset because of Jishuka's broad chest.

Sehee gets annoyed by the woman clinging to her brother, so she walks away from the control panel and into the library. Yerim has to follow Sehee even if he wants to see the show. After the elimination of Spain, only five countries remain.

Hurent saw the battlefield well and told Lauel, who was following behind, to retreat and concentrate on the mission. Grid was certain that he could take on formidable foes with his skills, knowledge, and equipment.

After thanking Grid, Jishuka followed Samuel into the woods. Hurent did his sword dance and thrust a five-meter long, blood-red blade through Grid's chest. Even though he was wearing legendary protection, Grid still took 4,600 damage.

A huge, blue sword, howling with wrath, chased towards Hurent. Grid and Hurent square off. Grid is disappointed that the strongest class, Hurent, does not have any battle experience.

In order for his opponent to employ an untargeted ability, the grid must limit and predict his movements. After pronouncing its name, activating the skill takes between 0.8 and 2 seconds. When Grid inquired how to make a health restore potion, Hurent chuckled.

Grid recognizes Hurent's prowess but dislikes his aura's constant harm and shapeshifting. As a result of his initial stride in the sword dance, he absorbs 4,600 damage. When Grid charged him, instead of using his skills, Hurent opted to defend himself with his sword.

He attempted to catch up to Grid, but he was too slow. While berating Hurent, Grid performed Quick Movements & brandished the Ideal Dagger. Hurent backed away from Grid by 5 meters & channeled some aura into his lower body, but his pace slowed & his breathing grew heavy.

Overgeared Chapter 176 Spoilers

Hurent, on the run from Pagmas Descendant, launched a devastating assault that killed sixteen people. So that Jishuka and Regas could win silver and bronze, Grid made an effort to thwart Hurent.

Grid's vitality was unaltered whereas Hurent's waned. Hurent triumphed once the grid was full. Hurent was driven off the field of combat while Grid ignored Yura and the pavranium. With 150 points, the United States finished second to South Korea.

For third place, Britain beat out Brazil. Grid took first place with a frown, while Hurent took second with a chuckle. American forces were victorious.

Where To Read OverGeared Chapter 176 Online?

For the sake of the mangaka's hard work, we only recommend that readers consume the series in its entirety. Overgeared, the newest series from the Manhwa, can be found easily on the website dedicated to the Manhwa, Webtoon.

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