Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained: Here’s What It All Means!

The stakes have never been higher, and our favorite treasure hunters have returned. Netflix has finally dropped Outer Banks Season 3. John B. (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) & the rest of the Pogues have already found the Royal Merchant & the Cross of Santo Domingo. They must now determine how to obtain the legendary city of El Dorado.

We have you covered whether you're curious about the plot before pressing play or need a recap of the action you just witnessed. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Outer Banks Season 3, including who dies in Outer Banks Season 3.

Outer Banks Season 3 Plot Synopsis

John B presumably pictured a life full of love and fatherly support upon Big John's (Charles Halford) resurrection. Not at all what transpired John B and Sarah broke up because Big John came back and John B refused to trust anyone.

It was because of this distrust that Sarah was left behind just as she needed to support the most. Keep in mind how she abandoned her mad relatives for John B. That's right, they were not fans of it.

Sarah had no one to return to when she got back from Poguelandia, not even a lover to help her out. That's hardly the only significant shift Big John prompted, though. Now that he was involved, John B. and his pals risked everything to find El Dorado, the legendary lost city of gold.

The mystery of the Gnomon continues from there. John B. and the other members of the Pogues boarded Ward's plane after seeing Big John taken captive and carried to the Orinoco Basin. By strategically setting off pyrotechnics, they were able to free Big John, and then the real fun could begin.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

Big John, Ward, John B, and Sarah went in search of El Dorado, resulting in the breakup of two of our newest couples: JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kie (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Cleo (Carlacia Grant). In a second, we'll circle back to this side of the gang. In the meanwhile, our treasure-hunting team is our first priority.

Ward claimed he was too weak to continue the expedition, so he stayed on the boat once they moored near the entrance to El Dorado. Even though Big John didn't trust his son's fiancée, he, John B, and Sarah continued on. Under the full moon, they deciphered the last of the jigsaw pieces. But, the temporary triumph was short-lived.

It's an unwritten law of the Outer Banks that Ward is the worst. Although Ward had promised to stay behind with the boat, he instead struck a deal with Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen), the leader of the group following our heroes and a villain who also seeks to claim El Dorado for himself.

In exchange for Big John giving him directions to the city of gold, Singh agreed to let Sarah live. Big John doesn't trust anyone, and it was something he didn't take into account. He didn't share the solution with John B. and Sarah, opting instead to keep those moonlit instructions to himself.

After all that exploration, they realized they only had one flare left, so they made off with as much gold as they could carry and headed back to the cave's mouth. As luck would have it, Singh was already waiting for them.

The argument escalated when Singh vowed to kill John B and Big John shot back by saying he would blow them all up with explosives. However, Singh was not fooled. He was well aware that Big John wouldn't miss the chance to see El Dorado even if it meant watching his kid perish.

But, everyone was taken aback when Big John flung the stick, putting the entrance to the lost city of gold in peril and offering them an opportunity to flee. Singh was killed in the blast, but the other three of us escaped unscathed. That was, alas, only the start of their difficulties.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained in Detail:

What Motivates Wade to Betray Them?

John B., Sarah, and Big John set out on foot to reach Solana, where the signboard requiring the placement of the idol or gnomon in order to decipher the route to El Dorado can be found. When placed in the correct location and at the correct time, the gnomon's shadow will indicate the direction.

Wade opts to remain behind and sound the alarm if Singh's men show up there. But he turns them in, so Singh's men now know where they are. To reach John B. and the others, the other Pogues follow Singh and his troops.

John B., Sarah, and Big John trek for hours before they finally locate Solana. When the moon is at its highest point in the sky, they position the gnomon and use the key that Pope unearthed to decipher the instructions.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

Singh, his men, and Wade, though, make it. In exchange for ensuring Sarah's safety, Wade had struck a bargain with Singh, who agreed to assist him in finding John B and his father.

If Big John does not provide what he knows to Singh, Singh has threatened to kill John B. Without any information from Big John, Sarah is able to rescue John B. They are being attacked by Singh's men, but she still refuses to go with Wade, threatening to shoot him if he doesn't back off.

Big John, who had before shown no willingness to trust Sarah, is now fully comfortable with her. While searching for the gold, the trio finds Big John has been shot and takes refuge.

Do John B. And Sarah Discover the Gold?

Big John may be hurt, but that doesn't stop the other two from searching for treasure. Sarah follows their ears and takes them to a cave. An underwater passageway leads them inside the cave.

John B. and Sarah are searching for gold, so Big John gives them three flares and sits out. As they continue to delve, the two eventually reach an impasse. Via the use of a flare that Sarah requested John B. to light, the group was able to locate their route in the night.

They dig up tonnes of the precious metal they've been seeking. They pack up a few pieces to take with them, planning to return for more later.

What Happened to John B. & Sarah? Did They Find El Dorado?

John B. and Sarah kept looking, as Big John watched from the cave's entrance. The couple finally made it to El Dorado after a long journey during which they had to overcome numerous challenges.

Every inch of the land was glistening with gold. As they returned home, John B. and Sarah were both ecstatic to report their mission's success. After stuffing a few rocks with gold into their backpack, they fled the place.

They decided to leave the area securely with their remaining flare, but to their amazement, Singh was already waiting for them outside the cave entrance. If Big John didn't help him, Singh said he would kill John B. To get his son and Sarah out of there, Big John lit a stick of dynamite, which blew up the cave and killed Mr. Singh.

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