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Outer Banks Season 3 Cast: Three New Supporting Characters Join the Cast for Third Season!

Outer Banks, one of the best series ever, will come back for a third season. Have a peek at the Season 3 Outer Banks cast.

It's safe to say that Outer Banks, a Netflix original, has blown away viewers. They believed it was just another standard teen drama when it initially appeared on the screen in 2020, but the show is actually quite unique.

Never before have we become so invested in a television program. The series' rapid pace ensures that even after 10 hours of viewing, you won't feel bored. All of the remarkable people in the story had interesting backstories.

If you're looking for an emotional roller coaster, this is the show for you. You're constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We also enjoyed watching the characters grow from a small group of friends into full-fledged families over the course of the series.

New cast members have been cast as season three of the show is about to premiere.

The Cast: Outer Banks Season 3

If you like Pogue, you're in luck. Cleo (Carlacia Grant), who aided John B. and Sarah in the Bahamas and later in the season finale, is expected to return for the third season as an honorary Pogue with the regular Pogues (John B., JJ, Kiara, Pope, and Sarah Cameron).

Austin North, who plays Sarah's ex-boyfriend Topper, and Drew Starkey, who plays Sarah's older, much eviler brother Rafe, will also be returning to the show.

outer banks season 3 cast

When did we learn this? The show posted an Instagram photo in February showing the Kooks and the Pogues having fun in a field “I hate being alone and would rather die than be trapped with anyone else. The third generation of OBX is currently being manufactured.”

Recently, Netflix revealed that Andy McQueen, Lou Ferrigno Jr., and Fiona Palomo will be joining the cast.

According to a tweet from Netflix, McQueen will play Carlos Singh, a “ruthless Caribbean Don on his own treasure quest.” Ryan, “Singh's top security officer,” will be portrayed by Ferrigno Jr.

Also, Palomo will play Sofia, “a self-identified pogue who builds a close bond to Rafe.” Is this another Pogue and Kook match waiting to happen? The future has the answer.


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Suspected Premiere Date for Outer Banks Season 3

Season 3 of Outer Banks was scheduled to premiere in the late summer of 2022. Unfortunately, that did not take place.

We learned that Outer Banks Season 3 would premiere in 2023 at Netflix Tudum 2022.

Speculations Regarding the Third Season of Outer Banks' Plot

This season will cover topics such as new and old relationships, as well as a dramatic return to the existence of John B's father. We have reason to believe that after Ward's supposed death, the Camerons have left the Outer Banks for good. Additionally, followers anticipate the treasure hunt to develop and get more complex.

outer banks season 3 cast

The Camerons could have started their new lives in secrecy in Guadeloupe. Rafe is the only one who saw the Pogues leave on the boat, but whether or not he will expose their identities is uncertain. And if he plans to spend all his time looking for them?

But in the instance of the Pogues, who appear to be hiding on a remote island out in the middle of the ocean.

Season 3 Teaser Trailer for Outer Banks

The first teaser trailer for Outer Banks shows a contrast between the pristine waters and the excitement that awaits. Watch it up top to view fast-paced moments including a chase and close-ups of a golden cross.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sarah a Season 3 Character on the Outer Banks?

The core Pogues will return for Outer Banks season 3: Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Madelyn Cline as Sarah, and Chase Stokes as John B. For season 3, Carlacia Grant's portrayal of Cleo, the newest Pogue, has been promoted to series regular status.

In Season 3, Will Jj and Kiara Get Together?

In Season 3 of “Outer Banks,” Kiara and J.J. are probably going to start dating. The upcoming season of Outer Banks appears to be giving fans what they want. Josh Pate, the creator of the Netflix series Outer Banks, and Shannon Burke hinted at upcoming romances in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Where was Outer Banks shot?


Charleston is the location for the third season of the popular “Outer Banks” Netflix series. The three seasons of the show “Outer Banks,” which is named after the 100-mile-long island chain in North Carolina, were all shot in South Carolina.

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