Our Last Crusade Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far!

“Our Last Crusade or the Rise of the New World” has a lot going for it, like political intrigue, war, and a clash between the fantasy and science fiction worlds. Fans of popular anime like “The Seven Deadly Sins” and “No Game, No Life” will love this series.

“Our Last Crusade,” an anime made by the Japanese studio Silver Link, is based on a series of light novels with the same name written by Kei Sazane and drawn by Ao Nekonabe (Yen Press). Kadokawa published the light novel for the first time in 2017, and manga and anime versions came out soon after.

Since Season 1 of “Our Last Crusade” came out in 2020, fans have wondered if there will ever be a second season. They're lucky, thank goodness. Silver Link has confirmed that a second season of “Our Last Crusade” is being made. But it has kept all the other information about the project a complete secret.

Our Last Crusade Season 2

We don't know what to expect because there is no official release date or trailer. All we have to go on is what happened in Season 1 and what happened in the original light novel. So, here is what we know about Season 2 of “Our Last Crusade.”

What Can We Expect From Our Last Crusade's Second Season?

After a few episodes of bad luck on the battlefield, Iska and Alice finally join forces. But first, they must overcome their differences and learn to work together. The two countries are getting more and more interested in each other, which could eventually lead to an end to their war.

Monsters and Critics say that the second season of “Our Last Crusade” will follow the original light novel starting with Volume 5. Season 2 will begin right where Season 1 ended. It will show how Sisbell tries to stop a plot that threatens the Sovereignty of the Nebulis.

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Season 2 of “Our Last Crusade” will be full of action, romance, and maybe even a plot to kill the main character. On the other hand, it's still unclear how many seasons 2 will follow the light novel.

Our Last Crusade Season 2

People have said that the episodes of an anime that goes through four volumes in half as much as the first season are too short. Silver Link hasn't said anything about Season 2 of “Our Last Crusade,” so fans may not get everything they want in the next chapter.

What's the Date That Season 2 of Our Last Crusade Will Be Out?

Silver Link has not yet announced a release date for Season 2 of “Our Last Crusade.” The show's production company just announced that there would be a second season. The news was posted on the show's website on October 1, 2021.

This means that Season 2 is still in the early stages of making, so it's hard to say when it will come out. But based on how long it took to make the first season, we can guess when Season 2 will come out.

According to what Anime News Network said in October 2019, Season 1 of “Our Last Crusade” aired in June 2020. Because of this, it seems likely that Season 2 won't start until at least October 2022, according to sources inside the show.

Our Last Crusade Season 2

For Season 2, Funimation will stream the show worldwide, just like they did for Season 1. After the original Japanese version came out, Season 1 got a dub in English. People expect Season 2 to get the same treatment as Season 1.

Who Be Will in Season 2 of Our Last Crusade?

“Our Last Crusade” is mainly about the lives of two people whose countries are at war but still manage to become friends. Iska, who Yuusuke Kobayashi plays, is the first one. Iska is a soldier for the Heavenly Empire, which has outstanding technology.

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Alice is his opposite. She is a mage from the Nebulis Sovereignty, a society based on magic that has been at war with the Empire for a hundred years. Sora Amamiya is the one who plays Alice (via Myanimelist).

Our Last Crusade Season 2

Of course, there are more people in the cast than just our two main characters. Jhin, Mismis, and Nene, three Imperial soldiers who serve in the 907th Unit with Iska, are also members. Shun'ichi Toki, Nao Shiraki, and Kaori Ishihara play them in that order.

On the other side, there are people like Rin, Alice's maid, Sisbell, her younger sister, and Lord Mask, the head of the Zoa family. Yumiri Hanamori, Azumi Waki, and Hikaru Midorikawa give them their voices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Our Last Crusade Anime Good?

Holy crap, this anime was great! It got off to a rough start, but it was so good that I wanted so much more once it got going! I loved how the story went and all of the characters, especially Iska, Alice, Mismis, and Sisbell. But the top-notch animation was really what stood out.

Where Can I Watch the Last Crusade?

You can stream Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade online through Hulu (Free Trial).

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