Operation True Love Chapter 64 Release Date, Recap, Where To Read and More!

In “Operation True Love,” a high school student named “Soo Ae” is the protagonist. Like those who are given a silver spoon at birth, Soo Ae thinks one's love life is destined from the start.

She considers learning how to love and be loved to be a talent in a world where even animals can and do both. It's tough to accept that someone who doesn't care about you will never love or care for you how you deserve to be loved.

Kang Minwoo takes the stage first, but he and Soo Ae end up at odds. Jellypop claims that Soo Ae will never have a boyfriend since she is doomed to a life without love. Anyone in Soo Ae's position would feel unsatisfied with themselves and their lives.

Operation True Love Chapter 64 Release Date

She is now confident that she will never attract a love partner. Sure enough, Soo Ae is taken. But her boyfriend, Min Woo, couldn't care less about her. While he is constantly gushing over and flirting with other women, Soo Ae isn't even the slightest bit interested in him.

Despite her dissatisfaction with the relationship, she finds herself drawn to him. Everyone around Soo Ae can see that Min Woo is merely using her for his own amusement, but it doesn't stop him from treating her like a toy.

Soo Ae appears to require a miracle in order to make it through the ups and downs of her high school romance. Come along and see if Soo Ae turns out to be a person who can give and receive love in this world.

Operation True Love Chapter 64 Release Date

Chapter 64 of Operation True Love will be available on May 27, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. KST.

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Operation True Love Chapter 63

Soo Ae had just dropped off Eunhyuk at her house and sent him on his way in Chapter 63 of Operation True Love. It's clear that she informed him she preferred a solo stroll. After seeing him go, she tries to get into a cab but sees that it is advertising Miriri, so she decides to take another route.

Since there are fewer cabs at this hour, she decides to walk back to her apartment. Shim Soo Ae was not her typical self the next day at school when she abruptly ended her relationship with Go Eunhyuk.

Operation True Love Chapter 64 Release Date

Go Eunhyuk has clearly become uneasy in his relationship with Yoo Raym. Soo Ae, on the other hand, organizes a trip to the seaside for the holiday weekend with her pals. Kang Min Woo goes to the broadcasting room during airtime and discovers three boys smoking behind the curtains.

So that no teacher will walk in on them, they tell him to come inside and shut the door. Baek Dohwa and Soo Ae can overhear what's going on in the studio when they're in the art room.

When his friends point out that Soo Ae is dating someone else since that she and Min Woo broke up, he responds that she no longer feels anything for him but embarrassment. Because Baek Dohwa is present, Soo Ae is sad and ashamed as she listens in on the dialogue.

Baek Dohwa becomes enraged and she begins to cry. Baek Dohwa begins to play the keyboard for her and then heads to the studio to show those boys what she thinks of them for gossiping and shaming her behind her back.

Where You Can Read Operation True Love Chapter 63 Online?

As always, you may read Chapter 64 of Operation True Love on the website. Operation True Love's primary distribution platform is Line Webtoon. Operation True Love is available to local readers on Naver Series and Naver Comics.

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