What Is ‘Operation Lockstep’? Is It a Hoax? Let’s Fact Check

Snopes discredited the claim in July, but many people are sharing it again after recent postings. Rockefeller Playbook Facebook post-Snopes debunked the claim in July, but many people are sharing it again after recent posts. It is based on a PDF issued by the Rockefeller Foundation and highlights three phases of the public response to the pandemic.

The first phase comprises a “mild cold/flu” that will be exaggerated by the “media” to cause “mass paranoia and terror.” Because of masks, social isolation, sensitivity to 5G propagation, and the weaponization of a more serious sickness due to widespread refusal to vaccinate against Corona Virus, phases 2 and 3 have weakened immune systems.

The end will manifest itself as “disorder from all sides” among vaccinated and unprotected people.

More claim copies have surfaced on Facebook, including one with a photo of the cover of A. Ralph Epperson's 1989 book “The New World Order.” Throughout the book, he mentions previous New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller several times, yet there is no mention of Corona Virus, “Operation Lockstep,” or a playbook.

The Rockefeller Playbook features a Time magazine cover storey about the Rockefeller Foundation's work. Despite this, the current viral claims make no mention of a source or how they got a copy of “The New World Order.”

The original text is bland and looks to be a power and control grid for corporate expansion; it makes no reference of COVID-19 or any other virus or pandemic.

On Jan. 8, user GeoEffect published a separate PDF of the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 report to Imgur, but without mentioning COVID-19.

The Rockefeller Playbook Has Gone Viral.

Imgur has a snapshot of the Rockefeller Playbook. On Jan. 8, user GeoEffect uploaded a separate PDF of the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 report to Imgur, but it made no reference of COVID-19.

After recent posts regarding the Rockefeller Playbook went viral on Facebook, individuals are talking about Operation Lockstep.

Global Watchmen News is an independent media network that produces reports on “international news, global events, terrorism, and national security challenges,” according to its website.

Anti-Muslim and anti-globalization propaganda can be found on the organization's Facebook page. Laurie Swan started it in 2012, according to Business Standard News.

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The original PDF, as kept by the Internet Archive: Rockefeller Playbook for Controlling the Public

Maxilla titled the document “Rockefeller Playbook for Controlling the Public: The Rockefellers and their Alumni Lead the Way with Orwellian Plans to Control Every Aspect of Your Life — and They're Doing It Now.”

‘Operation Lockstep' Is A Ruse

The hoax “Operation Lockstep” is circulating on Facebook. The earliest iteration of the rumour mentions classified documents predicting a “COVID-19” epidemic that would be blamed on liberals.

The Operation Lockstep hoax is a ruse. The screenshot of the document, according to Snopes, is a changed version of a PDF created by someone connected to Global Watchmen News.

It was covered by Global Watchmen News, but no evidence has been shown to back it claim. The storey has been discredited by Snopes and other news organisations.

According to Laurie Swan of Global Watchmen News, who wrote the original version of the article titled “Lies Will Be Exposed by WikiLeaks,” Operation Lockstep was born after the 2016 presidential election. Swan claimed he wanted to reveal “what was going on in people's heads” about US meddling in Iran. As a result, he requested evidence for the conspiracy notion from his supporters.

Swan told Global News, “My sources have been leaking information from a secret Rockefeller Foundation document called ‘Operation Lockstep.'” “It's based on an actual document known as ‘COVID-19.'” What they're doing, I believe, is sending a message that they're about to take control of our country.”

The Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 paper, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” is linked in the original item on Global Watchmen News.

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“That document has nothing to do with Operation Lockstep and was produced in 2010,” said James T. Manning, Jr., Vice President of Communications and Digital Strategy at the Rockefeller Foundation.

He also stated that the Rockefeller Foundation is not attempting to take over the government of the United States.

In an email to Global News, Manning stated, “Our purpose is to promote health, decrease poverty, and increase well-being, specifically through unlocking the power of science and technology.”

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article useful. This claim is false, according to our study. COVID-19 is not mentioned in the report. In addition, there is a vaccination for the disease, as well as measures to impose a police state in the event of a pandemic. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. Keep an eye out for further news and updates from us!