See Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building

Who'd have guessed a program with a bassoon cleaner at its core could win so many hearts? Only Murders in the Building astonished and pleased audiences with its surprising chemistry between its A-list cast—Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin—as well as its satirical premise about the culture's fascination with real crime. It also featured several lovely flats. The first season's 10-episode first season ended in mid-October, exposing who murdered Tim Kono and numerous other secrets, but there's still plenty more murder going on in the building.

Only Murders in the Building is a streaming television series developed by Steve Martin and John Hoffman in the United States. On August 31, 2021, Hulu aired the ten-episode first season. Martin Short, Martin, and Selena Gomez play three strangers who share a passion with a real crime podcast. Following a strange death in their upscale Upper West Side apartment building, The Arconia, the three neighbours decide to produce their own show about the tragedy, which the police deemed a suicide.

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What is There in the Episodes?

The Arconia is home to Harles-Haden Savage, a misanthropic former TV actor; Oliver Putnam, a failed Broadway director; and Mabel Mora, an apartment renovator. Tim Kono, who is on the phone, joins the three of them in an elevator by happenstance. They later connect over their common love of a specific true crime podcast after escaping the building due to an alert. They discover that the Arconia has been the scene of a murder and sneak back inside, where they find Tim dead.

Charles and Oliver attend a memorial ceremony for Tim with Mabel in an attempt to discover more about him. He was unpopular with many other tenants and was the subject of multiple complaints, with the most common feeling expressed being pleasure that the asthmatic Tim's death allowed the building to restore the flats' fireplaces.

The three enters Tim's apartment in search of additional information, but their lack of confidence in one another causes tension. Mabel secretly produces a video in which she says that she and Tim had been friends since they were kids, bonding over The Hardy Boys novels and solving fake mysteries together.

Sting poisoned Winnie, and Oliver enlists the aid of Charles and Mabel to prove it. The three present Sting with a turkey and interrogate him about Tim, who turns out to be Sting's former stockbroker, after consulting Cinda Canning, the host of their favourite podcast.

Sting guiltily admits that when Tim lost a significant amount of money, he dismissed him and instructed him to commit himself, but is relieved when the trio announces that they suspect Tim's death was murder rather than suicide. In the meanwhile, Charles has a date with Jan.

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How Only Murders in the Building Ended?

Teddy returns Mabel and Oliver to the Arconia on the condition that they finish the podcast and clear the Dimas family of suspicion. Mabel and Oliver are surrounded by “superfans” of the podcast as they return to the building. Detective Williams advises the three to make public all of their evidence. Oscar reveals that Tim had Zoe's green ring when he died, albeit it is unknown where it is today.

Oliver begs the podcast's superfans to assist the crew uncover Tim's murder in time for their sudden series finale, desperate for a new perspective on the case. Jan draws Charles' attention away from the inquiry, and Mabel and Oliver compel her to leave. When Jan arrives to her apartment, she notices a sign on the door that says, “I'M WATCHING YOU.”

only murders in the building

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The trio issues an apology for accusing Teddy and Theo of murdering Tim. Jan survives the stabbing and receives assistance from Charles in her recuperation. Sazz Pataki, Charles' old stunt double, arrives and instantly rushes into assisting the three in their investigation, much to the dismay of Charles and Jan. Even after Charles swears the podcast is over, a building meeting is called to address the podcast, and the building decides to evict the three.

Oliver and Mabel try to find a new lead to persuade Charles to continue on the case, and they suspect that Tim may have had a secret girlfriend, a claim that Tim's neighbour seems to validate. On Sazz's advice, Charles attends Jan's concert and notices a young female bassoonist who has taken Jan's spot at first chair. Simultaneously, Oliver and Mabel discover a bassoon cleaner among Tim's collection of sex toys.

Following a skirmish, Mabel uses the emerald ring to knock Jan unconscious. Jan has been detained. Mabel leaves to get more champagne later while the three celebrates, and Oliver and Charles receive a suspicious text message urging them to leave the building right once. Oliver and Charles hurry to Mabel and find her bent over Bunny's lifeless body, covered in blood, much as they did at the start of the series. While the Arconia occupants and others, including Detective Williams, Oscar, and Cinda, watch, the trio is brought out of the building in handcuffs.

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Wrapping Up

Only Murders in the Building established a record for the most-watched comedy launch in Hulu history on September 3, 2021, according to reports. In an interview with Vulture on October 28, 2021, Hulu Originals CEO Craig Erwich announced that the programme has become “by a decent measure” the most-watched comedy on Hulu. According to Parrot Analytics, the show moved from having around 16 times the viewer demand in the United States as an average show when it began on August 31 to having 37 times the normal demand by the time the season-one finale aired on October 19.