Only murders in the building Season 2: Expected Release Date & Updates!

‘Only Murders in the Building' is a comedic series based on a true-crime podcast that employs some deft narrative techniques to tell its story. Introducing Mabel, the enigmatic young lady who appears in the film's opening sequences, who serves as an intriguing counterpoint to the otherwise stereotypical characters.

Three true-crime enthusiasts are tasked with investigating a gruesome murder that has taken place in the Arconia building, which is riddled with mysteries of its own.

The series, which premiered in 2021, has received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics, who have praised the show's intelligent narrative and entertaining comedic elements.

The fact that the first season would conclude with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger is hinted at in the very first episode. Towards the end of season one, we can expect to hear more stories about our favorite crazy and chaotic group of characters.

If you're eager to find out more about a possible sequel, look no further!. Season 2 of “Only Murders in the Building” will provide you with all of the information you require!

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Only Murders in The Building Season 2 Release Date

Currently, no date is set for the release of Only Murders In The Building. Production began in early December 2021 and continues through the start of 2022, though this is subject to change.

On August 31st, 2021, it debuted on Hulu in the United States and Disney Plus in the United Kingdom. Since the final episode mentioned “something coming this autumn,” it's possible that we'll see a similar release date in 2022.

Only Murders in The Building Season 2 Cast

Only Murders in The Building Season 2

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short will all be returning for season 2, which will premiere in the fall. It is also likely that season 2 will include a larger role for season 1 guest star Tina Fey, whose character, Cinda Canning, was teased in the season 1 finale as being involved in the production of a true-crime podcast about our beloved true-crime podcast hosts.

“I reassured her that just because you're a victim on this show doesn't mean you won't be in it; just ask Julian Cihi, who played Tim Kono in season one,” Hoffman said in flashbacks. The show almost certainly will include your appearance even if you were the victim.”

Furthermore, Arconia (also known as “The Bellnord” in the real world) will continue to play a significant role in season 2 of the show. “It's got to stay square and centered around that,” Hoffman told Entertainment Weekly. Even if Only Murders in the Building does not return to the gorgeous Manhattan apartment complex where it all began, it is possible that the show will continue after Season 2, he hinted. Considering how far and wide this thing has the potential to go and develop, rather than just within those four walls, is “extremely exciting,” he continued.

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Hoffman, for his part, refused to comment on whether or not Sting would be returning to the show. The actor and producer Hoffman did tell Deadline that he “can't imagine a world” in which Jane Lynch would not continue to be a part of the group in the role of Charles's former stunt double, Sazz, in the future.

Aaron Dominguez will also be returning to the film, according to Hoffman, who stated that Oscar and Mabel's “complicated” relationship had yet to be fully explored. The show's creator, on the other hand, believes that the couple still has some work to do in order to figure out exactly who they are and whether or not they are meant to be together in the first place.

Teddy Dimas and Theo may not be back in season 2 despite the fact that they are “in a boatload of trouble,” according to Hoffman.

Cara Delevingne was also announced as a series regular for the upcoming second season of the show, which will premiere in 2017. The announcement was made in early December. According to Variety, she will portray Alice, a “sophisticated art world insider who becomes entangled in the mystery.” In season one, the majority of the crimes involved jewel thieves (along with murders and podcasters), but it appears that the wealthy world of art curators will be the focus of the crimes in season two.

Only Murders in The Building Season 2 Plot

Tim Kono's murder is the focus of the first season of “Only Murders in the Building,” which follows Charles, Mabel, and Oliver as they investigate the crime. The identity of Mabel's childhood friend Tim is revealed.

An actual crime podcast featuring the trio's findings becomes increasingly popular over time. In the season-ending episode, Jan, Charles' fiancée, and Tim's ex-girlfriend conspired to have him murdered.

Only Murders in The Building Season 2

In the end, Jan is apprehended on suspicion of Tim's murder and taken into custody. In the midst of their celebration, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel become entangled in a new murder investigation.

It's likely that Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off once Bunny's killers have been apprehended and brought to justice. After a successful first season, the three will return for a second to track down the true murderer and clear their names of any wrongdoing.

As a result of the investigation, it is possible that the mysteries of the Arconia will be revealed. According to reports, the investigation will be covered in the upcoming season of Cinda Canning's new podcast, “Only Murderers in the Building.”

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Final Words

That's all we know about Only Murders in The Building Season 2. Keep an eye out for any official updates and thank you for reading!