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Loni Willison’s Terrible Journey! From Fitness Model to Homeless

Jeremy Jackson‘s ex-wife Loni Willison has resurfaced on the streets of Los Angeles after going missing for two years.

Loni Willison, a former chubby blonde fitness model who looked perfectly at home on “Baywatch,” turned down assistance offers when facing homelessness.

I haven't talked to Jeremy,” Loni Willison said of Baywatch actor Jeremy Renner, the destitute, malnourished, and weather-beaten woman.

There is nothing wrong with me, and I don't want to talk to my pals. Anyone who tries to help me isn't welcome.”

Jeremy Jackson, best known for his role in Baywatch, had a nasty divorce from her eight years earlier, and she was accused of drug and alcohol misuse, which she disputed.

Loni is no longer the gorgeous blonde bombshell we once saw strolling the streets, smoking a cigarette, and rooting through garbage cans in search of snacks.

The model's catastrophic slide after losing her job and house is shown in these photos.

Heartbreakingly, she stated she makes herself seem as dirty as possible to avoid being sexually abused on the street.

She told The Sun two years ago: “I'm capable of fending for myself. Everything I need is right here in front of me. My friends and family don't truly care about me, and I don't want to see them either.”

Drunken Rows and Alleged Attack

When Loni and Jeremy exchanged vows on a California beach in 2012, they looked like the perfect Hollywood couple, complete with a snow-white dog.

Jeremy, a 41-year-old Californian, rose to popularity as David Hasselhoff's lifeguard Mitch's son Hobie Buchanan when he was 11 years old and continued to play the part until he was 18 when he left the show in 1999.

loni willison

Another Californian model, Loni, appeared on fitness magazine covers, revealing sportswear and swimwear.

After a series of red carpet appearances, they looked inseparable and infatuated.

On the other hand, Jeremy has a history of drug abuse dating back to his days on Baywatch as a youngster.

The 19-year-old had been sentenced to 90 days in prison for possessing methamphetamine and had completed five stints in treatment.


They appeared to be the ideal pair from the outside, but the reality was far from that.

Arguments over alcohol ruined their marriage, and the police were summoned to their house in August 2014 when Jeremy reportedly attacked Loni and assaulted her.

Ultimately, she opted not to pursue charges since she had two fractured ribs, a swollen neck, and scratches all over her face and body.

After the alleged incident, she and her ex-boyfriend broke up immediately, but she didn't tell anybody about it until he joined the Celebrity Big Brother house a year later.

However, it was the beginning of Loni's mental health issues and the downhill spiral to follow.

She said, “I needed almost a month to recuperate fully.”

loni willison

“I had to resign my job as a plastic surgeon's assistant since I could not work out or take on any modeling employment.

Claims of ‘torture by Electrocution' in Her Flat

Ex-boyfriend Chloe Goodman‘s breasts were exposed on Celebrity Big Brother, and she advised her ex-girlfriend to pursue charges “for his good.”

“I was afraid and didn't report him when he attacked me.” As a result of my emotional state, I had no desire to see Jeremy in prison.

I feel better now that everyone can witness what I went through.”

After the 2014 separation, she lost her employment at the cosmetic surgery firm, which was the first of many blows to her already out-of-of-control life.

She had a mental collapse, which left her unable to perform her duties at her job.

In 2016, she lost her rental residence and could not afford to retain her automobile because of her lack of cash.

She acquired an addiction to crystal meth, and her mental health deteriorated due to living on the streets.

After saying she was electrocuted in a 2018 interview, she claimed she was so full of electrical charge that she threatened others.

loni willison

This is where I was being tormented,” Loni said to the Daily Mail. “Even though I was living alone, I was frequently electrocuted.

I've never seen anything like that in my life. “I assume the electricity was coming into my head through a red mark on the back of my neck,” she said.

As a result of her inability to explain her feelings to others, she ceased communicating with anybody else.

Also, Loni said she witnessed Jeremy “abuse” her outside her flat.

To avoid bringing down the buildings where she slept, she said that the only thing that could stop her was using medications.

Loni said she had not showered in over a year to prevent being assaulted while living on the streets.

“I'm robbed regularly. She complained that others were stealing her possessions.

So no one can assault me; I make myself unclean as possible.”

loni willison

“The more filthy I become, the better I feel. Smelly as well. That appears to work if I do those two things.

To stand out from the crowd, I shaved my head to try something new. I sliced it up on my own. But I've already been assaulted, so I guess that's what I should expect.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Loni Willison Addicted to?

She had a mental collapse, which left her unable to perform her duties at her job. In 2016, she lost her rental residence and was unable to afford to retain her automobile because of her lack of cash.

She acquired an addiction to crystal meth and her mental health deteriorated as a result of living on the streets.

Where is Loni Willison Now?

Loni Willison, the ex-wife of “Baywatch” star, Loni Willison, is now homeless. Loni Willison, 38, appears to have lost her identity in a new photograph, which shows her rummaging through garbage cans in search of food.

Jeremy Willison's ex-wife, a former model who is now homeless, was photographed in Los Angeles once more.

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