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TikTok’s “One Thing About Me” Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl Song Trend Explains!

Users on TikTok have been known to risk their lives in the name of the newest hot challenge, no matter how difficult it may be.

The latest craze on the social networking app is, thankfully, simple to follow and join in on.

The ‘one thing about me' craze has gone viral, and many others, including famous people, have started making their own versions of the videos. The whole picture is laid out for you here.

“One Thing About Me” on Tiktok Explaining a Trend

The ‘one thing about me' trend on TikTok encourages users to share a fun tidbit or an unusual anecdote about themselves.

The original creators of the movement introduced themselves to the world to the tune of Background Jazz Vibes' “Summer Background Jazz.”

one thing about me tiktok trend

TikTok has now developed a more entertaining means of disclosing a single personal fact about themselves. People are now making music videos set to Nicki Minaj's “Super Freaky Girl” instead of the more traditional “Summer Background Jazz.”

Nicki raps, “One thing about me, I'm the baddest alive,” in one stanza of the song. Users have taken to the practice, but instead of saying “I'm the baddest alive,” they offer amusing anecdotes or tidbits of information about themselves.

Over 5.3 million people have watched the video of TikToker user possum girl sharing one interesting fact. She opened her narrative with a song: “One thing about me is that when I was 10, this kid in my class used to glue my butt cheeks together.”

Jade Bates, another content producer, has joined the trend with a viral video in which she recalls a day when she told her closest friend that her parents were divorcing.

Over 813,000 videos with the ‘Super Freaky' sample from Nicki Minaj's popular hit have been published on the short-form video app.

At the same time, the #onethingaboutme hashtag that people are using to join in on the craze has been seen over 193 million times.

Super Freaky Girl Marks the Return of the “One Thing About Me” Genre

To keep up with the times, users will often record a video in which they reveal some interesting, funny, or otherwise noteworthy information about the. An early example of this trend featured creators introducing themselves while the song Summer Background Jazz by Background Jazz Vibes played in the background. Ed Sheeran made a music video based on the fad because of how big it became.

one thing about me tiktok trend

Now, artists have devised a witty new method to introduce themselves. Music videos are being made to Nicki Minaj's Super Freaky Girl instead of the traditional Summer Background Jazz.

Song lyrics by Nicki include the line “One thing about me, I'm the baddest alive.” Instead of citing “I'm the baddest alive,” creators are now utilising this as inspiration to offer their own stories or facts in an effort to join the trend.

The Creators of the Videos Present Their Own Unique Information

Elyza Halpern, better known on TikTok as “@possumgirl,” has made a video in which she shares her bizarre backstory, claiming, “One thing about me is that when I was 10, this kid in my class used to glue my butt cheeks together.” I luv this trend, plz keep telling me about your bad childhoods via Super Freaky Girl,” she wrote in the video's description.

Another creative, @mischmacc, sung about a familiar experience: “One thing about me is that if you don't text me, I will reread all our texts simply to discover what went wrong.” Creator @zach benson of TikTok joined the trend by talking about seeing Falling In Reverse at the Warped Tour when he was 14 years old.

The #OneThingAboutMe Trend: How To Do It

Once you have your “one item” prepared, the rest will fall into place easily. Quickly record a self-portrait with Summer Background Jazz playing in the background, and you'll be ready to start writing.

Write a paragraph about yourself starting with the words “One thing about me is” and expanding upon that statement. If your character is truly perplexing, it may be helpful to provide some follow-ups, such as possible rebuttals to your argument or questions that might be asked of you.

When you've honed your unique philosophy to perfection, all you have to do is hit share, and you can expect the comments to be flooded with support from your fellow “sauce girls” (or whatever your eccentricity maybe).

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