One Piece chapter 1083 Release date, Spoilers, Recap and Where To Read?

Considering the events of the previous chapter, fans of One Piece should be excited for the upcoming chapter 1083, which is expected to be a major turning point in the series. The Cross Guild's actions and their next objective, the search for the One Piece, were laid out in greater detail in the previous chapter.

Fans also got a glimpse inside the Revolutionary Army, where they learned that Sabo managed to escape and has since convened a meeting with the command staff. As the action heats up, One Piece chapter 1083 will likely devote a good deal of attention to elements of the Revolutionary Army and possibly even Egghead Island, which readers haven't seen in a long time.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Release Date

On Monday, May 15 at 12 a.m. JST, 2023, the 24th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine will be released, and within it, One Piece Chapter 1083. The official outlets, including Viz Media, Manga Plus, and the Shonen Jump app, will host the chapter for free online reading.

One Piece chapter 1083 Release date

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Chapter 1082 of One Piece

This new chapter picks off right where the last one left off. When Kuzan suddenly arrives and stops moving, Koby rushes to her side. Later, Kuzan will have words with Garp. To protect his current “No. 1 apprentice,” Kuzan said, “Will you be able to kill your former?

I respect that you have never submitted to coercion. So, I'm really just following Teach's lead here. I thought I told you to stop worrying and start enjoying life right now! With that exclamation, Garp launched into a memory involving Teach and Kuzan.

One year after the battle between Kuzan and Akainu, the events of Punk Hazard took place on a certain island. The Blackbeard pirates that made it to the island found some of their nakamas frozen solid.

The Blackbeard Pirates meet Kuzan in a tavern, and after a few drinks, they're all friends. Lafitte advises Teach to eliminate Kuzan and take his place as a crew leader. Kuzan is infuriated by this news and readies himself for war.

But Teach feels bad about what Lafitte said, so he's asked Kuzan to come along. Share your knowledge of “the man with the burn scar” with Kuzan; someone seems to have the last known Road Poneglyph.

According to legend, “the man with the burn scar” controls a stealthy black ship and can whip up powerful water whirlpools to aid him in battle. According to Shiryu, the “man with the burn scar” may be an agent of the World Government.

It would not be surprising if the World Government hid a Road Poneglyph among their supplies to stop pirates from reaching One Piece. Kuzan says he needs more background information on the suspect. Umm… Kuzan: I may be that person.

My sole experience with Poneglyph was in Ohara. A red stone would have helped me remember the location. The Garp vs. Kuzan match will begin immediately thereafter. During this discussion, Kuzan throws an “Ice Ball” at Garp.

However, Garp has little trouble initiating conversation. When Kuzan tries to escape, Garp grabs his head and launches a second attack. Say it with me now: “Those who hesitate are weak!!” Garp screamed.

The Japanese word for “blue hole” literally translates to “fall to seafloor” in the Kanji script. Garp smashes the ground beneath Kuzan's feet and then rips his corpse to shreds. The entirety of Kuzan's body collapses to the floor.

Winner Island is where things are at now that Law has been overthrown. Teach is struggling for air and his face is covered in blood as he ponders his next move. After that, Bepo takes some special medicine that Chopper gave him.

Because of this material, Bepo can change into Sulong form. When Bepo becomes Sulong, he has the appearance and demeanor of a large polar bear. Bepo Sulong is shown in one of the full-page panels. If Teach were to take Law's power, Bepo would kill him.

After this, Bepo throws Law into the water. The “Polar Tang” has sunk, and the remaining Heart Pirates are either drifting helplessly in the ocean or stretched out on the ground, as seen in a full-page spread.

Trafalgar Law and his Heart Pirates gang were vanquished on New World's Victory Island. Now that we've reached the end of the chapter, we'll be taking next week off to celebrate the Golden Week holiday in Japan.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers

There will be a continuation of some sort for One Piece Chapter 1083. Oda has been switching around the point of view from left to right with great flexibility in the recent chapters of One Piece.

What happened in Lulusia Kingdom, and what Sabo has to say about it, are the things fans are waiting to hear. Even though many viewers believe Oda would, once again, choose to tell this story behind the scenes, it would be nice to have him tell a story for a change.

One Piece chapter 1083 Release date

We anticipate that the chapter will continue to focus on the Straw Hats and the events that took place on Egghead Island. We last left Egghead Island and the straw hats when York had already outed herself as the traitor in the conflict with the seraphim and they were trying to determine where Old Man Vegapunk had hidden himself.

Furthermore, what shocked the fans the most was the arrival of Blackbeard's ship to the island and the narrator's prediction that the next day's events on Egghead Island would shock the world.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1083 Online?

Viz Media's website is where you can find the manga. In the meantime, you can catch up on the manga by reading back issues. On the official website, fans have access to top-notch translations that make reading the manga a breeze.

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