One Dollar Lawyer Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Reviews and more!

The protagonist of the South Korean legal drama series One Dollar Lawyer is a highly skilled attorney who only requests 100 won (approximately $1) per case. Isn't Interesting. This is a very liked series and its fan base has increased a lot on seeing it, and now stuck in the expectation and waiting till when the season 2 of this series will come.

So in this article, we will know the information related to season 2? so without getting lost, let's start.

Overview Of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2

Series Name One Dollar Lawyer
Number of Seasons 2
Total Episodes 12
Current Status Upcoming Season 2
Genre Comedy, Law, Drama
Production Houses Studio S
Directed by Kim Jae Hyun
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Available Languages Korean
First Episode Sep 23, 2022
Second Season Release Date In the article
Available On Disney+, Hulu, Hotstar

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What Is The Release Date Of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2?

So, guys, there is no information has been released regarding the premiere time or date of Season 2 of “One Dollar Lawyer.” The production company's plans were a major topic of conversation.

Despite the long wait, fans need not lose hope, as the show has been renewed. If you need more information, we suggest looking into official reports and reputable sources.

Storyline Of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2?

Cheon Ji-Hun, an out-of-the-ordinary lawyer, is portrayed by Namkoong Min. His hair is styled in a trendy perm. His service fee is 1,000 won, despite the fact that he is one of the best lawyers in town. He fights the most powerful lawyers and their wealthy clients who are trying to evade the law.

As soon as Baek Ma-Ri finished her training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute, she went to work for the prosecution. She believes in herself and her abilities to a great extent.

Her grandfather, Baek Hyun-Mu, established the prestigious Baek Law Firm. Baek Ma-Ri's life was going smoothly before she met Cheon Ji-Hun.

One Dollar Lawyer Ending

Ji-hoon and Mari continue their visit to Min-Cheol in his plush office from before. This is obviously meant to intimidate Ji-hoon, but instead, he acts like a complete moron. He takes note of the piles of cash on the desk but leaves with blank paper for his printer instead. A person like Ji-hoon.

Our three-person zany crew checks out Ji-hoon's posh pad. How shocking! Yes, this is the final episode, and we now see Ji-hoon's home and the manner in which he lives. Moo-jang makes sure to highlight this, and I find this self-reference to be hilarious.

While the group discusses strategy, Mari looks blankly at the picture of Grandpa Baek that hangs in Ji-hoon's investigation room. She is taken aback by the fact that he recognizes her, to which Ji-hoon responds aptly,

“Did you think I was dumb?”

one dollar lawyer season 2 release date

He quickly dismantles it and says her grandpa is innocent.

To reassure us that Grandpa Baek is fine, we see a flashback to a conversation he had with Ji-hoon not long ago, in which he expresses his desire for Mari to grow up in a world where the outcome of each case isn't predetermined through corruption and blackmail.

In a touching moment, he later assists Mari in breaking into the database of Baek Law Firm, where Joo-young's murderous evidence is hidden. Mari discovers it, keeps it safe, and gives it to Ji-hoon; it's the proof they need to put an end to the JQ Group's antics.

Cast Of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2

Actor/Actress Character Description
Namkoong Min Chun Ji-hoon A legal hero with strong cost-effectiveness accepts a one thousand won bill as payment.
Kim Ji-Eun Baek Ma-ri The last presenter of the Judicial Research and Training Institute.
Choi Dae-hoon Seo Min-hyuk A royal prosecutor.
Lee Deok-hwa Baek Hyun-moo Founder of a large law firm and grandfather of Baek Ma-ri.
Park Jin-woo Sa Ma-jang A clerk at a law firm.
Gong Min-Jung Na Ye-jin A prosecutor.
Kim Ja-young Jo Eul-rye Owner of the building.
Ha Sung-Kwang Seo Young-Joon A lawyer from Baek Hyun-moo's law firm.
Jo Yeon-hee Oh Min-ah Baek Ma-ri's mother.
Lee Chung-ah Lee Joo-young A lawyer who excels in a large law firm focused on justice.
Kim Cheol-yoon Lee Myung-ho Chun Ji-hoon's client.
Park Sung-Joon Kim Min-Jae Ji-hoon's client.
Hwang Jung-min Lee Young-ok Wife of Sa Ma-jang's office manager.
Kwon Hyuk-sung Chun Ji-ho's assistant Ji-hoon's assistant during his time as a prosecutor.

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Where To Watch One Dollar Lawyer Season 2?

So guys you can watch the season very easily and without any hassle only on Disney+, Hulu, and Hotstar.

Trailer Of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2?

So guys till now no official trailer has come from the makers. We hope that due to the fan base, we will get to see both the new season and the new trailer, till then you can watch the trailer of season 1 and increase your curiosity.

Rating And Reviews Of One Dollar Lawyerone dollar lawyer season 2 release date

My heart has been won by this show; it's excellent from start to finish, never gets boring, and the performances are spot-on.

What really got me hooked was how the writers took several story-like cases to demonstrate language proficiency rather than telling a single story throughout the entire series. I thought the idea of the one-dollar lawyer was brilliant, and I think this story would make a great film.

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What Can We Expect From One Dollar Lawyer Season 2?

While information about Season 2 is currently limited, viewers can anticipate an increased focus on the characters' backstories and what drives them. Mark Johnson's legal acumen will be tested in new ways in season two.

In addition, Season 1's loose ends will be tied in Season 2 to satisfy fans and set the stage for new conflicts.


Finally, the future of “One-Dollar Lawyer” season 2 is still up in the air. Despite there being no confirmation of the show's renewal or cancellation, loyal viewers have reason to remain optimistic in light of the show's widespread critical acclaim.

“A Dollar.” Lawyer” stood out among legal dramas because of its exciting plot lines, complex characters, and compelling performances. The show has left an indelible mark on its audience whether or not a second season is produced.

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