On What Factors Taboo Season 2 Will Depend?

Tom Hardy has always been a famous actor, whether on the big or little screen. Peaky Blinders and Taboo, two huge television dramas, catapulted him to stardom. The first was a huge smash, with numerous seasons published to date, but Taboo has remained almost unnoticed since its first season aired in 2017. Despite the fact that the producers announced Taboo season 2 shortly after the first season, there has been no word on the release date for Taboo season 2 in almost four years.

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What is Taboo All About?

Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his father, Chips Hardy, devised the series, which was based on a narrative written by Tom and Chips Hardy. Following the death of his father and as the war with the United States approaches its end, James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returns to England after twelve years in Africa with fourteen stolen diamonds. The series delves into the dark side of London in the nineteenth century, including governmental and economic corruption, gangs, working-class hardship, and the rise of the wealthy.

How Taboo Season 1 Ended?

After Winter's burial, James is concerned that he may have murdered her while inebriated. Lorna, unlike Helga, believes in his innocence, especially because he is now caring for another young waif, Robert. Chichester visits James and accuses him of culpability in the slave ship sinking, but promises him protection if he indicts the East India Company. Brace confesses something terrible to James. Meanwhile, an angry Helga informs Strange about the gunpowder, resulting in James' imprisonment and torture for treason.

Lorna conducts her own investigation to prove James' innocence in the murder of Winter, while Godfrey, James' Company buddy, offers to testify against him, necessitating George to whisk him away for his own safety. With the Prince Regent still enraged by the East India Company, James is taken aback when Strange proposes a compromise.

While awaiting trial, James informs Strange that he is aware of his role in the slave ship's sinking, which Godfrey would divulge to the Royal Commission, compelling Strange to negotiate his release. James is heartbroken to learn that Zilpha has committed suicide.

Lorna and Atticus also save Helga, telling her that James was falsely accused of Winter's murder by the East India Company. James, Lorna, Atticus, Michael, and their companions are preparing to board the ship Strange has prepared for them, but there is a traitor among them, as well as a vindictive Prince Regent. Before the survivors can set ship for America, there is a dockside shoot-out, and the East India Company is eventually disgraced.

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What's Interesting About Taboo Season 

Tom Hardy's performance in Season 1 of Taboo captivated the audience. It received a lot of praise, respect, and recognition from the public in 2017, and after a three-year hiatus, the Taboo series is getting back on track, with Taboo Season 2 expected to be released shortly.

Taboo is based on a narrative written by Tom and Chips Hardy and was conceived by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his father, Edward “Chips” Hardy. Knight and Tom Hardy previously collaborated on the 2013 film Locke and the 2013 television series Peaky Blinders. Kristoffer Nyholm and Anders Engström directed the first series.

Max Richter composed the music for the film. Steven Knight has plans for two more series, but no new information has been disclosed as of 2021. Taboo was revived for a second season in March 2017.

Who All Can Be Seen in Taboo Season ?

Tom Hardy will reprise his role as James Delaney in Taboo Season 2. Tom stated in November 2018 that he will reprise his role as James Delaney in the second season of Taboo. He expressed his gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to continue working with BBC and FX on British TV dramas.

Hardy's comeback should come as no surprise, given he was instrumental in the development of the British drama and built his own character, James Delaney, to tackle many of the acting difficulties he desired. Last year, he told the Radio Times that he wanted to portray Sherlock Holmes, Bill Sykes, Hannibal Lecter, Heathcliff, and Marlow all in one persona. Tom Hardy appears to be a visionary.

Wrapping Up

Taboo's comeback will most likely be determined by one factor: Tom Hardy's availability. While the actor was just shooting the comic-book blockbuster sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the film is currently in post-production, according to SlashFilm, which included some reshoots. When Hardy's itinerary will be available is unknown. The film's release date was also moved back twice, first to June 25, 2021, and then to September 24, 2021. You may now view the movie's waffle-filled trailer.