How Did Oliver Hudson Net Worth Reach $10 Million?

Oliver Hudson is worth $10 million. He is an actor and producer from the United States. He is best known for playing Adam Rhodes on the hit TV show Rules of Engagement. Most of his money came from making movies and TV shows.

Oliver Hudson was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 7, 1976. He is an actor and producer from the United States. His famous relatives include Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson, and singer-songwriter Bill Hudson.

Hudson has been in many TV shows, including Dawson's Creek, Rules of Engagement, and Nashville. To figure out Oliver Hudson's net worth, take all of his debts away from his assets.

Oliver Hudson Net Worth

The total assets include investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or similar asset. Total liabilities include all debts, like loans and personal debt.

What is Oliver Hudson's Net Worth In 2022?

Oliver can make a good living because of the work he does. Celebrity Net Worth says that Oliver Hudson is worth $10 million. On the other hand, his sister Kate Hudson is an actress who has made an estimated $80 million throughout her career.

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Goldie Hawn has a net worth of $90 million. She is the mother of actor and musician Hudson. To make things even worse, Oliver lives with his wealthy parents in a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles. That everything he does will go well and make him happy.

Oliver Hudson: Early Life

On September 7, 1976, Oliver Rutledge Hudson was born in Los Angeles, California. Bill Hudson is a singer-songwriter, and Goldie Hawn is an actress. Kate Hudson is his sister. In 2002, Hudson's mother told People magazine that when Hudson was a baby, he “had a wise soul.

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He had the smartest eyes; they looked right through you.”Hudson's family changed when his parents got divorced and he started seeing other people. From 1982 to 2000, Laverne & Shirley star Cindy Williams was his stepmother, and Hawn was in a long-term relationship with actor Kurt Russell.

Oliver Hudson Net Worth

Given his background, it wasn't surprising that Hudson liked making short films with his friends. Even though he wanted to play hockey, he went to the University of Colorado to study film.

Oliver Hudson: Career

When Oliver Hudson finished college, he moved back to Los Angeles. He also started to try out for roles. On Russell's Executive Decision set, he got a job as a production assistant (1996).

Hudson was cast as Katie Holmes's love interest on the hit TV show Dawson's Creek after minor roles in movies like The Out of Towners (1999) and The Smokers (2000). Then, Hudson got the leading role in the movie My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (2002).

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Even though the show didn't do well, he got enough attention that People magazine put him on their “50 Most Beautiful People” list in 2002. Hudson kept acting in movies and on TV for the next few years.


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Hudson co-founded Cosmic Entertainment with Hawn, Kate Hudson, and Russell. He is in charge of the part of the company that makes movies and TV shows called “Workshed Entertainment.”

When he got the part of Adam Rhodes on the popular TV show Rules of Engagement, that was his next big break. Hudson was a regular one from 2007 until the end of the show in 2013.

Oliver Hudson Wife

Oliver Hudson is married. That's all we know about his personal life. He married actress Erinn Bartlett on June 9, 2006, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A Buddhist monk was in charge of the ceremony. Hudson said his mother, Goldie Hawn, convinced him to ask Erinn Bartlett to be his wife.

Oliver Hudson Net Worth

There are three kids in the family. Wilder Brooks was born on August 23, 2007, and Bodhi Hawn was born on March 19, 2010. Rio Laura was born on July 18, 2013. Their love for one another is still getting stronger.

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