Obsession Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

Obsession on Netflix is everyone's latest TV, well, obsession. The story of a successful surgeon and family man who gambles everything on an affair with his son's fiancée had viewers gasping with the now-famous “pillow scene,”.

The show's blend of heady, emotionally charged relationship drama and increasingly unhinged plot and character turns made for compelling, occasionally confusing viewing, the kind that tends to do well in the ratings.

All of which suggests that a second season may be ordered. In addition, Netflix's sensual collection is now lacking its flagship hot show Sex/Life, which was canceled after only two seasons. In this article, we will read about Obsession Season 2 Release Date in detail.

Obsession Season 2 Release Date

Before we get into the specifics of Obsession Season 2, we should point out that, as a Netflix limited series, there is very little hope for a second season. There has been no word on whether or not the program would be renewed for a second season, so at this point, that seems unlikely.

We also can't ignore the show's appeal; the recently premiered Netflix series Obsession has garnered quite a few viewers. We'd love to see more episodes of Obsession if the ratings are as good as they seem to be.

Obsession Season 2 Release Date

But don't get your hopes up too high, okay? There has been zero word from Netflix regarding the status of Season 2 of Obsession. This has caused some concern among viewers, but Netflix has been on board with the final script from the start.

When we factor in all of the evidence, we, too, conclude that the show will not be returning for a second season. However, you never know what Netflix has planned. Season 2 may not premiere until the summer of 2024, even if the show is given the go-ahead by the most popular OTT service.

Let's Take a Look at The Recap of Obsession Season 1

Let's go back to the beginning and do a quick recap! A spine-tingling Netflix drama that sent goosebumps up our backs. Here we get the beginning of the story from Anna's perspective.

Anna's entire existence was a metaphor for how past traumas can eat away at you from the inside. Fortunately, she eventually met Jay, the one man who truly loved her and would have sacrificed anything to be with her.

They had made plans to settle down together, and she was finally happy and content with Jay. However, everything turned on its head when Anna met William. Is it possible that William lost sight of right and wrong because of the tremendous force that exists between them.

The attraction they felt, the searing sensations, the overwhelming will to stay a bit long with one another? One of the most poisonous kind of love, their infatuation will lead to the end of everything they've ever known.

What Will Be The Plot Of Obsession Season 2?

After Jay's tragic death, the first season concludes with William and Anna parting ways. Anna explains that she can't include William in her life because of the pain of losing her son. But William surprises her by saying he wants to start dating her.

She's ready to go on with her life, so she ends things with William. She makes contact with a kind therapist and begins sessions. In the next second season, perhaps Anna's troubled dynamics with her therapist will be the focus.

Obsession Season 2 Release Date

This is because she has a history of destructive behavior. William could make every effort to meet with Anna. Season 2 of Obsession is being considered by Netflix as a potential anthology series with a completely new storyline.

If that's the case, the sophomore class can add another story about unrequited love. However, it will also consider the outcome. Netflix may want to turn “Obsession” into a series because of the success of other sexually explicit shows and movies on the service. Furthermore, this will kick off with the second season of Obsession.

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