Nomadland a Movie You Can’t Miss

Have you ever wondered what life a nomad has? A nomad is a person who travels place to place without any particular aim and has no specific home to look forward to at the end of the day. If you think that after dispersing from school, you roam here and there, so you are a nomad, you are wrong because you have a particular home to go to after chilling. But why am I talking about Nomad suddenly? This is because I am going to tell you about an amazing movie called “Nomadland“.

As the name suggests, it is a movie on the life of a nomad. But on whose life it is based on what exactly is in the movie, you will get to know all of it in the following sections.

It is one of the amazing movie that I have added in my fav list Black Adams, Mosquito State and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.


What Nomadland is All About?

Fern loses her job in 2011 when the US Gypsum facility in Empire, Nevada, closes; she had worked there for years with her husband, who had lately passed away. Fern sells most of her things and buys a van to live in a while looking for employment throughout the country. During the winter, she works at an Amazon fulfilment facility as a seasonal employee.

Fern is invited to a desert meeting in Arizona hosted by Bob Wells, which provides a support structure and community for fellow nomads, by Linda, a friend and coworker. Fern first rejects, but as the weather grows colder and she tries to find work in the region, she reconsiders.

Fern joins other nomads there and learns basic road survival and self-sufficiency skills.

When Fern's vehicle blows a tyre, she goes to a neighbouring nomad called Swankie's van and asks for a ride into town to get a replacement. Swankie chastises Fern for not being prepared and asks her to learn more road survival techniques; the two become good friends. 

Swankie informs Fern about her cancer diagnosis and shortening life expectancy, as well as her determination to build wonderful experiences 

on the road rather than rot in a hospital. They split ways at some point.

Fern subsequently works as a camp host in Badlands National Park's Cedar Pass Campground, where she meets Dave, another nomad she met and danced with back in the desert settlement. He's working in Badlands National Park on a temporary basis, but when he gets diverticulitis, Fern pays him a visit at the hospital where he's undergone emergency surgery. 

They go on to work at Wall Drug in South Dakota as waiters and waitresses. Dave's son comes into the restaurant one night seeking him, telling him that his wife is expecting a kid and inviting him to meet his grandson. He hesitates, but Fern persuades him to go. Dave invites her to join him, but she rejects him.

When was Nomadland Released?

In February 2019, Searchlight Pictures purchased the international distribution rights to Nomadland. On September 11, 2020, the film had its global debut at the Venice Film Festival, and on the same day, it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

The film received numerous accolades in Venice, including the Golden Lion, the festival's highest honour. The film received the People's Choice Award in Toronto.  It is the first picture to win both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals' top awards.

Do You Know It Won Many Accolades?

When Nomadland premiered at the Venice Film Festival, it received the Golden Lion and the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival

At the 78th Golden Globe Awards, it garnered four nominations, winning Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director, with Zhao being the second woman and the first East Asian woman to do so. In addition, it garnered five Independent Spirit Award nominations and six Critics' Choice Award nominations, winning four awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

That's too much, right? But the movie came out to be so amazing that award givers could not resist themselves. 

But after winning so many accolades, are you thinking about how much it earned? then here is your query solved

How Much Nomadland Earned?

Nomadland earned $2.1 million in the United States and Canada and $20.8 million in other regions, totalling $23 million globally. 

Despite the fact that Searchlight did not release Nomadland's box office figures, sources believe the picture earned $170,000 during its two-week IMAX run, followed by $503,000 from 1,175 screens in its wide opening weekend on February 19, for a total of $673,000.

 The audience reaction to the film was “mixed-to-leaning-positive” online, according to social media watcher RelishMix. The picture grossed an estimated $330,000 in its second weekend of broad distribution from 1,200 theatres, for a four-week total of $1.1 million. 

Where to Watch Nomadland?

Now I am pretty sure that you want to know about “Is Nomadland available on Netflix?“, right? (Yes, yes, I am a mind reader). But unfortunately, the answer is “No“; it is not available on Netflix. 

Nomadland is one of the rare Oscar winners from the year 2021 that is already available on a streaming service. Hulu is presently streaming Nomadland, which is available to all subscribers.

Wrapping Up

So what are you waiting for? If you don't have the Hulu subscription, its time for you to buy it, or if you already have, then take time from your busy schedule and watch the movie because it is worth it. 

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