NOBODIES: A Ghostly Genre that will Shake You Up

With Halloween just two months away, all the movie collections are about to be brought out of the dusty attic. Not just kids wearing ghostly outfits asking trick or treat, the adults too enjoy their share of Halloween treats by watching a marathon of movies. Are you excited? I for sure am. I am sure you too will be eager to rewatch all the mega-hits like the Halloween kills series, the Dead Don’t Die, the Lie, It and much more, and witness the pumpkins squeaking around the corner. Today's recommendation is “NOBODIES” which deserves to be on the binge-watching list.

the nobodies

Let's Know what the movie is All About?

Mix and Mash 

The film appears to be an amalgamation of the 1993 horror film Pumpkin and the documentary delineation the life of famous director Warren Warner. It is a big abduction fiasco. A man gets abducted by an elder and a clown. They detach his arm and flee. Then the poor unfortunate soul is abducted again to be interrogated. The second guy is in search of the criminal who had abducted him first and stole his arm. 

The Entropy of this tale is Maddening

Interspersed within are the elements of love between a maker and his girlfriend. Their careers had failed. The couple, madly in love, take their own lives to stick it to the community who turned their backs on them. The story employs confusion as a storytelling tool, and the movie gets weirder and more entangled as we progress. The movie gallops sporadically from the documentary to the film, which can catch the viewer off guard if he is not paying close attention. 

The story thrives on Faults

The movie has a weird, horrifying and unique approach to indie cinema. They have told the story in a slightly unorthodox format with a radically different approach to storytelling. The acting in this one sniff of inexperience, but the cast diligently dedicated to their characters. Burleson is not after perfection but its antithesis. He wants the memorable characters and their flaws to come out freely rather than over polished characters that are one dimensional and disposable.

There will be Blood

In the end, no horror movie is fulfilling without blood. There are some with very basic practical effects, but this is not a gruesome gorefest that some of you may have expected. Overall, The Nobodies is that strange horror drama that you will want to check out.

Cast and Crew

The movie is written, produced and Directed by Jay Burleson. The writer himself plays the role of Warren Warner. The movie stars Lane Hughes (plays Johnny Knickerbocker), Bill Pacer (as Taboris DeWitt ), Harold Gilliland (as Detective Ace Bruno), Bart Hyatt (as Detective Jake Horse), Hannah Hughes (as Dana DeWitt), and Dick Tait (as Jackie Lantern)

Ratings and Reviews

The Nobodies isn’t much talked about, but astonishingly this 2017 comedy, horror drama movie gathered the support of quite a few critics. It has had a rating of 6.9 out of 10 on IMDb in 73 consumer reviews. It also achieved a modest rating of 3.6 out of 5 on the lesser-known Letterboxd.

Wrapping Up 

With blood scattered here and there, the movie seems to be a mishit at first, but the comedy scenes do pack a punch. The horror which underlies the movie is gruesome, and I am sure that you will appreciate the writer's ingenuity to work with whatever limited resources he had. Horror thrillers will keep you awake all night. We really hope you enjoy the movie . Do push like and comment below about your views on the storyline. Visit our website for more content on entertainment.