How Did Youtube Famous Tractor Stuntman-Nishu Deswal Die?

Nishu Deshwal, also known as Tochan King, is a popular YouTuber from India who has gained fame for his entertaining videos related to tractors and other vehicles. Recently, there have been reports about Nishu Deshwal’s unfortunate demise.

Who is Nishu Deswal?

Nishu Deswal is a 22-year-old stuntman from Kurar village in Panipat, Haryana.

He runs the YouTube channel HR-PB Tractors 12. With over 1.34 million subscribers, Nishu shares captivating content featuring tractor challenges, tochan (tractor pulling) events, and comparisons between different tractor models. His engaging videos have garnered a significant following in the farming community.

How did Nishu Deswal Die?

According to social media, he met with an accident while performing a stunt on a tractor and was crushed under it. His family has laid him to rest after this tragic incident.

On Monday, February 25, he was performing feats with the tractor, elevating it on its back wheels, but the vehicle became unstable and overturned. He became wedged between the steering wheel and the seat and died on the spot. Onlookers managed to get the tractor back on its wheels and free him, but he had already died.

Nishu Deshwal’s passion for tractors and his impact on the YouTube farming community will be remembered by many. May he rest in peace.

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