Nicole Flenory: Age, Bio, Brothers, Parents, Husband & Children

Nicole Flenory was in the Black Mafia Family, but most people don't remember that. Before the Black Mafia Family started on Starz, only a few people in the area knew that Nicole was Southwest T and Big Meech's younger sister. In BMF, Laila Pruitt did an excellent job as Nicole.

Southwest and Big Meech are both well-known, and most people know a lot about them. But you can't say the same about their little sister Nicole Flenory.

To clear things up, I decided to look into Nicole and find out more about her. In this post, we'll try to figure out who Big Meech's sister is and what she's all about. Let's start right away and not waste any time.

About: Nicole Flenory

Nicole and her brother had a hard childhood. Their parents were very religious and watched over them. Nicole and Charles Flenory had her in 1974 on Dartmouth Street in Detroit. She was given her mother's name.

The parents were good Christians who didn't do drugs. They had faith in God and prayed for things to get better. But their prayers didn't get answered.

Nicole Flenory

Big Meech said in an interview that he and his brother wore the same clothes and shoes to school every day. The shoes cost $15 and were torn. Southwest and Meech quickly started selling drugs to help support their families. Nicole, on the other hand, didn't want anything to do with it.

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Even when her brothers were making millions, she stayed away from their criminal activities. Nicole said Meech & Southwest got into the drug business because they thought it was “non-violent.”

The Story of Big Meech's Sister's Secret Life

Nicole Flenory has lived everyday life with her family in Lincoln Park, Michigan. She has stayed away from BMF. She has a family of her own now, and she loves them. She posts on Instagram a lot.

Nicole Flenory

One of her sons, Dillan Steele, is involved in hip hop and is said to be making a documentary about marijuana. The rap superstar 50 Cent is connected to Dillan, and he even sent two bottles of Branson liquor to Dillan's mother.

Nicole Flenory Wiki, Death of Her Brothers

Nicole Flenory was born on Dartmouth Street in Detroit, Michigan, in 1974. Her older brothers made her childhood so hard. When she was in High School, her brothers began to sell cocaine.

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On the streets of Detroit, Michigan, her brothers sold $50 bags. After that, her brothers started a big business selling cocaine. As of now, they have passed away.

Age of Nicole Flenory

Nicole Flenory turned 47 this year. She is well-known because she is Big Meech's sister and is part of the Black Mafia Family.

Nicole Flenory's Family: Husband and Kids

Nicole Flenory is married, but we don't know who her husband is. Demetrius Steele, who is 28 years old, is her oldest son. Steele is a business owner, a chef, and a worker for the Big Three. She also has another son named Dillan Steele, who strongly supports letting Big Meech go.

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