Nicki Aycox Death: What is the Cause of Her Death?

Nicki Aycox was best known for her parts in movies like “Jeepers Creepers 2,” “Supernatural,” and “Perfect Stranger.” The actress died of leukemia on November 16, 2020, at the age of 47.

When her fans heard this mind-writhing news they were shocked. Let's find out what happened to her. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2020. The news was shared on social media by her sister-in-law Susan Raab Ceklosky, who said:

“My beautiful, smart fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nicki Aycox Raab passed away yesterday with my brother Matt Raab by her side. Nicki and Matt had a wonderful life together in California. She was a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her.”

Nicki Aycox: Biography and Career

Nicki Aycox was born on May 26, 1975. When she was young, she used to play the piano and sing in beauty pageants. She had important roles in TV shows like 3rd Rock from the Sun, USA High, Boy Meets World, The X-Files, and Providence.

In the horror movie Jeepers Creepers 2, which came out in 2003, she played a cheerleader who could see the dead. Critics didn't like the movie, but it made somewhere between $63.1 million and $120 million at the box office.

From July to October 2005, Aycox played Private Brenda “Mrs. B” Mitchell on the war drama series Over There. After 13 episodes and one season, the show was canceled because it didn't get enough viewers.

Nicki Aycox Death

In 2006, she appeared in an episode of the police procedural crime drama series Criminal Minds as the sociopathic serial killer Amber Canardo. In the 2007 psychological thriller Perfect Stranger, the actor played Grace Clayton. In the 2008 supernatural thriller The X-Files: I Want to Believe, she played Cheryl Cunningham.


Then, in 2008, she played Melissa Scott, the main character in the horror movie Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead. In 2009, Aycox played Jaimie Allen on the crime drama show Dark Blue. Red Velvet Room, her first EP, came out in 2015.

What is the Cause of Death?

Nicky Aycox was one of the most talented actresses in the world, so her death shocked everyone. She was only 47 when she died, and in 2020, she was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Nicki Aycox Death

This was the sad news that her sister-in-law broke to her, and from what she said, it is clear that Nicky Aycox was a wonderful person in every way. Early in the year 2020, Nicki Aycox was told she had leukemia, which shook up her life.

She was happy and doing well with her family until a powerful opponent showed up out of the blue. Even though Nicky Aycox's cause of death hasn't been found out yet, neither her friends nor her family has any doubt that she had leukemia.

Tributes for Nicki Aycox

Nicky Aycox's sister-in-law told the world that she had died, and now people from all over the world are paying their respects.