New Gaming Zones in the Upcoming World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Millions of players around the world are looking forward to the new WoW expansion, which promises to be powerful. While the exact release date of the expansion is still unknown, this does not stop dedicated players from eagerly absorbing every news of what awaits them.

Everyone has already heard about what the plot will be about. It seems that just mentioning that dragons will appear in the game, is already enough. However, the new expansion is preparing a lot of pleasant surprises for both beginners and dedicated players.

It became known that players will be able to visit the legendary homeland of dragon flights. In total, players will be able to visit five game zones where they have never been before. Each zone promises to be exciting. As you travel through them, gamers will go on exciting adventures. Players will move between zones, uncover the secrets that these places have kept for many years, as well as enjoy incredible landscapes. Gamers will have to go hunting for ancient artifacts that hold within themselves the power to awaken the Dragonflight and restore them to their former glory.

For now, all you have to do is keep playing Shadowlands. If you have problems with the hardest-level dungeons, then you can use the Mythic boost WoW. The rewards you will receive will never be redundant.

Let's take a closer look at each of the five zones we'll see shortly.

The Forbidden Reach

This place is located in the northern part of the main islands. This is where the players who decide to choose a new race that will appear in this expansion will start.

This place looks exactly as it was left. However, everything is overgrown here and you will see only the ruins of what was before. Close to the coast, you will find a village that is hidden from all unfriendly creatures.

By choosing a new race, you will wake up in this play area. You will come out of a dream that has lasted for thousands of years. When you wake up, you will find that the leader of the Black dragons is gone and everything you have ever known has changed. First, you will need to fight the jailers who have been watching you during your sleep. They will do everything they can to make sure you don't break out.

Once you have completed all the necessary tasks in this game zone, you will go to other zones. However, the developers assure you that you will come back here.

The Waking Shores

This place is home to both Red and Black dragons. In places where Red dragons live, you will see prosperity. The scenery will truly surprise you. There are many gardens, lush forests, and mountain rivers. In places where Black dragons live, you will see a crazy contrast compared to where red dragons live. Here the landscape is aggressive with a large number of active volcanoes.

Here you will meet the queen of dragons. Everyone who lives here is doing everything possible to ensure that the future of Dragonflight is carefree. In addition, one of the important objects is located here, which they protect from enemies in all sorts of ways.

Ohn'aran Plains

This is the third zone that you have to visit. Once here, it may seem to you that you are in some kind of paradise because there are endless rolling plains that evoke tranquility. This place is the home of another flock of dragons. Both Green dragons and many other fantastic creatures live here.

Traveling through this zone, you will get acquainted with the many clans of centaurs living here. For the most part, you will need to interact with one of the clans that has a long history with the Dragonflight here.

The Azure Span

Compared to all the others, this play area is the largest. Blue dragons live here, as well as other creatures. The nature here is varied. In one part of the zone, you can walk through the evergreen forests, and in the opposite part of the island, you will see snowy landscapes.

You will get acquainted with the inspiring history of the local flock of dragons. Your task will be that you have to help the dragons restore their strength, trying to find one of the artifacts.


In this game zone, your adventures in the dragon islands will end. Here you can do what you probably already know about – fly a dragon. This is no accident because here are the highest mountains, so your flight promises to be epic.

When you get here, you will begin to work together with all the leaders of the dragon flights. Your task is to collect together all the artifacts that you will hunt for throughout the story. However, various powers will do their best to prevent the dragon leaders from recovering their powers.


The upcoming adventure in the Dragon Isles promises to be exciting. On each of them, you will fight with many enemies who do not want the dragon leaders to be able to restore their strength. Now it remains only to accumulate experience and prepare for an incredible new adventure.