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New Amsterdam Reviews: How Does It ‘Leaves Everyone Impressed’?

New Amsterdam Reviews: What a boring, underwhelming, and sad season finale for what is without a doubt the series' poorest season.

By the end of New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 22, one can only wonder what the goal was. In other words, what was the point of it all? I'd like those 40 minutes of my life back.

It was a tedious, banal, and unthinking hour. And there isn't a nicer way to put it; there simply isn't one.

They threw another grenade into each relationship, primarily Sharpwin's, with Max dressed to the nines for their wedding on the rooftop and Helen apologising furiously from London, the wasteland where all good things had gone to die.

Aside from that, nothing about this episode felt like a conclusion. It didn't even meet the minimum requirements for a regular episode of the show.

The hurricane generated a horrible storm that destroyed the hospital and resulted in other unfortunate events that had no stakes and were not interesting.

Is this a cardboard and glass hospital? How did it get so completely demolished in such a short time, and why would anyone want to go to a facility that is so fundamentally unsound?

New Amsterdam Reviews

Is it true that Veronica sucked all the stability out of the place before she left?

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We spent the majority of the hour with a small group of patients, Wilder, and Agnes, who was playing “Follow the Leader” with Iggy, who I wouldn't follow to the golden gates of heaven even if God himself commanded it.

Is New Amsterdam a Good Series?

| Full Review… | Rating: 6.3/10 New Amsterdam does the opposite, leaving only frustration and dread in its wake. Addressing medicine's many diseases involves understanding their complexity; New Amsterdam does the opposite, leaving only frustration and terror in its wake.

New Amsterdam Reviews

It's possible that a show about repairing the system, it'll do more harm than good. It's a show about making people feel horrible to feel wonderful again.

For Wilder to be one of the true redeeming graces in this finale, she was unjustly underused.

Sandra Mae Frank's promotion to series regular for the final season is welcome news; we deserved more time with her, and there wasn't enough here.

With characters like Mia and the underused Helen, the hour also lacked any follow-up.

Iggy was, if anything, more front and centre for the hour, and putting the character who has unquestionably been the most obnoxious of the season in the spotlight is one of the many reasons this hour lost the plot.

This character's demise has been mind-boggling to the point where it irritates me whenever he is onscreen.

However, they went ahead and ended his marriage to Martin for good.

That's a positive thing in many ways. For a long time, we've been rooting for Martin to get off his behind.

But, of course, they couldn't even get that right since, for some reason, no one seems to be reading the room, and they appear to think we'd prefer Iggy to Martin.

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No, no, no. Iggy articulating his concerns about his marriage would be OK if they made sense, but they don't.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Trailer

New Amsterdam Cast

‘New Amsterdam’ Season 4 Finale Impressed Everyone After Helen Leaves Max at the Altar

A bride who has run away. Fans of New Amsterdam are in disbelief after Helen Sharpe left Max Goodwin at the altar in the season 4 finale.

New Amsterdam Reviews

The NBC medical drama's Tuesday, May 24 episode began with a Category 4 hurricane abruptly altering course and heading directly for New York on their wedding weekend, with Helen (Freema Agyeman) still not in the country.

Max (Ryan Eggold) is concerned about her flight being delayed because she is still in England.

Even though the hospital keeps Max occupied throughout the storm, he still finds time to text Helen, who does not react immediately.

The doctor is hoping his fiancée is safe on her flight when he receives a text from her that simply says, “Today has been… I'm at a loss for words. “I'll call you as soon as possible.”

Because her airplane has finally landed safely, he moves ahead and arranges new wedding plans.

Their wedding was supposed to take place at the botanical gardens, but Max says it won't be possible because of the damage caused by the storm.

He chose to have the ceremony on the roof of the hospital. He leaves Helen a voicemail in which he tells her that “this spot has always been magic” because it is where they met and fell in love.

Helen hasn't responded to the doctor's text message, but he doesn't seem concerned.

When he gets a call from Helen, he is standing on the rooftop in his suit in front of their pals. She was not a passenger on the aeroplane.

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“I can't,” she told him sobbing from London.

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