Netflix’s Operation Mincemeat Release Date: Is It Based on True Events?

Operation Mincemeat, a new British film, tells the fantastic story of two intelligence officials who were instrumental in altering the fate of World War II.

Thousands of lives were spared, and Hitler's lethal hold on Europe was loosed due to their recruitment of the most improbable of secret spies – a man who was already dead.

The film is set in the year 1943. The film's action takes place in 1943, with the Allies ready to launch an all-out attack on Sicily to break the Nazis' stronghold on occupied Europe.

Their most serious difficulty is figuring out how to safeguard their enormous invading force from a potential slaughter.

Ultimately, it's up to the two intelligence officials, Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth) and Charles Cholmondeley (Matthew Macfayden), to devise an innovative and implausible misinformation campaign.

Operation Mincemeat
Operation Mincemeat

By disguising the body of a homeless man as a Royal Marine and laying fraudulent paperwork on him that points towards the fictitious invasion, they hope to deceive Nazi Germany into believing that they are planning an attack on Greece and Sardinia instead.

The body is then abandoned in the sea, where it eventually washes up in the country Spain. For the phony intelligence to be handed on to Hitler, the two intelligence operatives take a chance at it being passed on.

The scheme, which defies logic, endangers the lives of thousands of soldiers and puts the authors' nerves to the test to the breaking point. Will it, however, be successful?

Operation Mincemeat Release Date

Operation Mincemeat will be released in theaters on April 15, 2022, in the United Kingdom, and on May 11, 2022, via Netflix in the United States.

What Is Operation Mincemeat Plot?

Operation Mincemeat
Operation Mincemeat
  • The film is based on the incredible true story of two intelligence officials who, in 1943, during World War II, used a body and forged documents to deceive German forces and escape capture.
  • These events have galvanized the Allied forces, who are determined to launch a full-scale attack on Fortress Europe.
  • Despite this, they are confronted with an impossible task: protecting a vast invading power against entrenched German weaponry while averting a probable slaughter.

“In the framework of World War II storytelling, the story of Operation Mincemeat is unique — a weird and alluring cinematic combination of high-level espionage and brilliant fiction, where the stakes could not be greater,” remarked director John Madden of the storyline.

Is Operation Mincemeat a True Story?

Operation Mincemeat
Operation Mincemeat
  • The film is based on a true story that is spectacular and moving. Ben Macintyre's nonfiction book of the same name is the inspiration for this film version.
  • The tale has been recounted before, and it is rather interesting. The novel inspired the 1956 film The Man Who Never Was, based on the memoirs of intelligence officer Ewen Montagu directed by John Ford.
  • In contrast, many films and books released shortly after the war were blocked from portraying the complete tale due to propaganda and officialdom.

As a result, Macintyre's exhaustively researched book is widely regarded as the definitive account of the remarkable occurrence.

Operation Mincemeat Cast

Operation Mincemeat
Operation Mincemeat

Ewen Montagu, a Naval Intelligence Officer, is played by Colin Firth, who directs the film. Jason Isaacs plays Naval Officer John Godfrey, and the cast includes Kelly Macdonald in the role of Jean Leslie.

Matthew Macfadyen in the part of Charles Cholmondeley, Penelope Wilton in the role of Hester Leggett, Johnny Flynn in the role of James Bond author Ian Fleming, Lorne MacFadyen in the role of Roger Dearborn, and Jason Isaacs in the part of Roger Dearborn.


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Additionally, the late Paul Ritter (well known for his role in Friday Night Dinner) appears in the film as a physician and attorney Bentley Purchase. As a result of his death in 2021, this will be his final on-screen appearance.

Operation Mincemeat: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of the Name “Operation Mincemeat”?

Throughout it all, the Germans were duped by a cunning, intricate, and horrific ruse – nicknamed Operation Mincemeat – designed to divert their attention away from the true objective of the invasion: Sicily.

By the end of 1942, the Allies' success in the North African campaign had allowed them to shift their focus to the “soft underbelly” of German-held Europe, which they had previously ignored.

Is Operation Mincemeat a Remake?

Operation Mincemeat is a British war drama film directed by John Madden that will be released in 2021.

It is based on Ben Macintyre's book on the British Operation Mincemeat during World War II, published in 2003.

What Would Have Occurred if Operation Mincemeat Had Not Been Successful?

There would have been no Salerno invasion. What would have occurred if Germany had been more successful in the Battle of the Atlantic? It's possible that British supply lines would have been affected.

Who Was Behind Operation Mincemeat?

Glyndwr Michael, a tramp who died after ingesting rat poison, was obtained by British intelligence and dressed as an officer of the Royal Marines, with personal items identifying him as the fictitious Captain of the Marines (Acting Major) Martin, William.