Netflix Series ‘The Man With 1000 Kids’ Misleading, Says Sperm Donor

The new documentary, which was released on July 3, consists of 3 parts. In this documentary, several families who used Jonathan's sperm tell their stories. A Netflix documentary released Wednesday focuses on the women who created children using Jonathan's sperm.

Some called Jonathan's home to donate personally while others went through sperm banks. The families, who are based around the world, allege they were not told how many other people Jonathan had already fathered.

One woman said she felt “betrayed, sad and angry” after discovering how many other children Major had fathered.

A figure which Major himself puts at around 550, while “The Man with 1000 Kids” estimates it to be “as high as 3,000”.

As families began to learn that their children were unknowingly siblings, they became concerned. As one parent said, “What if these kids meet each other and maybe have a relationship and fall in love and they don't know that they're related? And that's when the real Panic set in.”

According to the New York Times, Major was able to circumvent donation limits by not disclosing previous donations.

According to the docuseries, clinics have no way to verify how many children a donor has fathered. In 2023, a court in the Netherlands ruled that Majors could not donate to the new parents. (The Netflix docuseries also adds that he faces a fine of 100,000 euros per donation if he violates the order.)

Major told the BBC upon the release of the new docuseries, “I had already stopped donating to new recipients in 2019. I only donated to siblings. The court case was really useless because I had already had closed, and the court's decision did not prevent me from helping the families of the existing.

Netflix Series 'The Man With 1000 Kids' Misleading, Says Sperm Donor

Jonathan Meijer Fires Back at Netflix

Jonathan Meijer shared his thoughts on his personal YouTube channel, where he documents his international travels, personal philosophies, and messages for the donor-conceived children he's fathered.

Meijer called the trailers for “The Man with 1000 Kids” “misleading” and “disgusting.”

“I believe I have the right to say that I'm a very good donor,” he said in a video released on the same day as the docuseries. “Sure, I've made some mistakes over the years. And I will take responsibility for those mistakes. But ultimately, I think – and this is also what most recipients, parents think – that I'm a very good donor.”

Netflix told Woman's Hour they would not comment on Major's interview, but the documentary's executive producer Natalie Hill spoke to the program. He said, “I have spoken to families over the last four years who have been affected by Jonathan's lies. I have personally spoken to 45 or 50 families.”

“Fifty families testified in court about his lies and pleaded with the judge to stop it. So for Jonathan to say this is just a matter of a few women is completely untrue.”

Major has been a donor for 17 years. In many cases, they donated privately, which meant they dealt directly with families, not through a private clinic.

Some women who chose him as a donor say he did not make it clear to them how many other children he had already fathered. “I'm confused because he then told me he was donating to five families,” one mother, Natalie, told Woman's Hour.

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