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Neloverse: The ‘Metaverse’s First Multiverse,’ Neloverse, Makes Its Debut in the Web 3.0 World

Neloverse makes an exciting debut in the Web 3.0 world by releasing its long-awaited game trailer as well as its whitepaper, all of which are stored on Neloverse's gitbook. Neloverse is an open-world, play-to-earn (P2E), metaverse, and gaming environment created and hosted on the NELO Smart Chain.

NELO, a GameFi-Metaverse-oriented Blockchain that caters to all types of gamers, has opted to develop the game Neloverse in order to demonstrate the complete possibilities of the NELO Smart Chain (NSC).

As a result of the progress, EbizWorld, a famous software, and game development company, has created strategic alliances. With this in mind, players can anticipate the new and exciting game to be cutting-edge, in addition to its intriguing game design.

As part of the Neloverse ecosystem, players and producers will be given the tools and assistance they need to create their own game experiences and take the lead in monetizing their work within the open-world game.

The ecosystem will include a Game Maker, and players will be able to create their own voxel-based NFTs using NeloVox. In addition, Neloverse will introduce Neloverse Go, allowing gamers to earn tokens while on the go.

“We want to create an environment in which any brand or business may thrive in the Metaverse.” – Sook Hui, NELO Marketing Manager

NELO aspires to maintain significant relationships with influential projects in the blockchain and Metaverse industries. Neloverse intends to provide real-time information on its progress and how it will be integrated into the NELO Smart Chain.



It intends to collaborate with established brands and businesses wishing to enter the industry in order to offer a more inclusive hybrid gaming experience.

Finally, on the 22nd and 23rd of June, NELO will unveil an exclusive glimpse of their gaming ecosystem at Crypto Expo Asia in Singapore.

The game's beta version, as well as special features and gameplay, will be showcased during the conference. Investors and guests will be able to play the game for themselves and become fully immersed in the NELO and Neloverse futures.

About Neloverse

Neloverse is a collaborative environment where gamers from all around the world may meet and fight. Take command of your own slice of the Metaverse in Neloverse and start building your own virtual cosmos.

NELO is a protocol and framework for creating and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, with the goal of removing the hurdles that exist in Ethereum blockchain networks.


Each week, scores of new initiatives hunt for suitable Layer-1 blockchains on which to build games and metaverses.

Generalized Layer-1 blockchains are one option, but as with any other sort of product, a tailored approach has the ability to deliver superior functionality, faster throughput, and a more enticing set of underlying characteristics unique to the gaming business.

Blockchain interoperability is becoming increasingly important for new Layer-1 solutions. While ecosystems like Cosmos are building bridges between blockchains, the simplest method to achieve interoperability is to simply employ an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) environment.


EVMs enable projects to run code produced on one EVM-compatible blockchain on another EVM-compatible system.

This lets developers lessen the risks of development even on new chains by ensuring that their code would execute on any EVM-compatible system.


In just the first month of 2022, the blockchain gaming industry has witnessed over a billion dollars in investment.

It's no surprise, given that companies like Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox are valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars, making a billion-dollar investment look insignificant.

Due to the industry's rapid growth, many blockchains are ill-equipped to demonstrate the fast response times and low transaction fees that make gaming profitable.

Aavegotchi merely delayed its mainnet debut a year ago, citing “insanely high gas fees” as making an Ethereum launch impossible.

Fees discourage gamers and make it impossible to create low-cost experiences, game pieces, and upgrades. While fees are at an all-time low in 2022, the average remains above $15, with the lowest price being $2.51 in early 2022.



NELO Smart Chain (NSC) is a Layer-2 Blockchain created exclusively for gaming. NELO is unique in that it was created with game design in mind. While NELO makes use of Solidity, which provides a Turing-complete development environment, the emphasis is on game modules.

The NELO Smart Chain (NSCinitial )'s edition offers features geared primarily toward the ease of development of games and metaverse projects.

Furthermore, the NELO team is releasing its own game on the platform as a proof of concept as well as a template that other game developers can use to create their own games using the open-source modules released by the NELO game.

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