Nelly Net Worth 2022: Why Is Cornell Haynes Called Nelly?

Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., was born in the United States on November 2, 1974, but is best known by his stage name Nelly. He is a rapper, musician, and businessman.

In 1993, he joined the Midwest hip hop group St. Lunatics and in 1999, he signed with Universal Records.

He has been active in the music industry ever since. In the year 2000, Nelly launched his solo career with the release of his first album Country Grammar, which produced the top 10 songs “Ride wit Me” and the album's title track.

Nelly was signed to Universal at the time of his solo debut. The album reached the highest position possible on the Billboard 200 chart and went on to become Nelly's best-selling album to this day, with over 8.4 million copies sold in the United States alone.

¬†His subsequent album, Nellyville, spawned the number-one songs “Hot in Herre” and “Dilemma” (with Kelly Rowland), in addition to “Air Force Ones,” which peaked in the top five of the singles chart (featuring Murphy Lee and St. Lunatics).

Nelly has continued to produce several songs that are at the top of the charts, and he did so with the simultaneous release of Sweat and Suit (2004) and the collection Sweatsuit (2006).

With an initial week total of 342,000 copies sold, Sweat debuted at position number two on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. During the same week that Suit was made available to the public, it sold around 396,000 copies in its first week on the same chart and debuted at number one. Brass Knuckles, Nelly's fifth studio album, was finally made available to the public in 2008 after a number of delays.


Early Life

nelly net worth

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. was born on November 2, 1974, in Austin, Texas, and is better known by his stage name Nelly. His father was serving in the Air Force at the time when Nelly was born. After his parents had a divorce when he was seven years old, he went to St. Louis, which is located in the state of Missouri.

When Nelly was a teenager, he got together with his buddies Ali, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, and Slo'Down as well as his half-brother City Spud to establish his first band. The band was called the St. Lunatics.

In 1997, the adolescents enjoyed some success in their home region with the track “Gimme What Ya Got.” After the St. Lunatics were unable to secure a record deal, Nelly came to the conclusion that it was time for him to go on a solo career.


Nelly entered into a recording contract with Universal Music in the year 1999. The year after that, he issued his debut album, which was titled “Country Grammar.” This album continues to hold the title of Nelly's best-selling album to this day.

The album was supported by a string of successful singles, including “Ride Wit Me” and “Country Grammar,” both of which peaked in the top ten of the Billboard charts. In June of 2002, he released his second studio album, titled “Nellyville.” The singles “Dilemma” and “Hot in Here” from this album both reached number one on the Billboard charts.

Both the album “Sweat and Suit” and the album “Sweatsuit” were released by Nelly in 2004 and 2005, respectively. The month of September 2008 saw the release of “Brass Knuckles,” Nelly's fifth studio album proper. Nelly came out with the album “5.0” in the year 2010.

Nelly Net Worth

nelly net worth

Nelly is an American rapper, actor, and businessman who has accumulated a net worth of $8 million over the course of his career.

He first came to widespread attention with the release of the album “Country Grammar” in the year 2000; it went on to sell more than 10 million copies all over the world and is still his most successful record to this day.

Tennesse State Troopers intercepted Nelly's tour bus in April of 2015. According to one of the cops, the bus had a strong odor of pot. Police inspected the bus and discovered marijuana, drug paraphernalia, firearms, and what seemed to be methamphetamine in the cargo.

After being taken into custody, Nelly was sent to a local prison. Bail was posted and he was free to go. Drug possession was a felony, but there were other lesser offenses filed.

After determining that the chemical detected on Nelly's tour bus was not meth, the felony allegation was withdrawn. December 2015 saw Nelly plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia.


4Sho4Kids Foundation is administered by Nellie, a non-profit organization. Nelly and his sister Jackie Donahue started the Jes Us 4 Jackie campaign in March 2003 when Donahue was diagnosed with leukemia.

It is the goal of the campaign to educate African Americans and other minorities about the need for bone marrow transplants and to increase the number of potential donors. A little more than two years after the start of the campaign, Donahue passed away from leukemia on March 24, 2005.

“White and Black Ball” was launched by Nelly in 2006 as a way to generate money for scholarships in St. Louis.

For more than a decade, he has sent two students to college each year and established a scholarship fund in honor of Michael Brown, who was shot and murdered by a police officer.

Other ventures

nelly net worth

A one-year arrangement was struck between Nike and Nelly in 2003 for the limited-edition “Air Derrty” shoe, a retro recreation of Charles Barkley's signature sneaker, to be released in 2003. After signing a deal with Reebok, Nelly became one of the most popular rappers in the world.

Got Milk? and Ford Motor Company have hired Nelly for commercials. Pimp Juice, his energy drink, sold one million cans in its first two months on the market in August 2003, despite the fact that black consumers objected to the name.

Apple Bottoms is Nelly's women's line, while Vokal is her men's brand. Until March 2010, he shared ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats with Robert L. Johnson and Michael Jordan.

Nelly took part in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event. The PokerStars European Poker Tour and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure are two other tours on which he has competed previously.

WHHL HOT 104.1 in St. Louis hired Nelly as a temporary afternoon host in August 2010. Stacy Static, the normal PM drive host, is on maternity leave, so he is filling in for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Cornell Haynes Called Nelly?

Hello. “My name is… ” – Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. is Nelly's actual name. His father served in the Air Force, thus he was named after him.

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